NicaLiving is moving to

After a few mis-steps, I have decided to incorporate NL into A42. This post offers the details. If you have comments, please post them there.

As there have been service interruptions on various sites I have placed a status page on (a site that has already been moved and should be stable) to keep you informed.

Are you on the terrorist watch list?

We probably don't know unless you are on the no-fly list and tried to fly. There are some clues how people get there but the word artibrary comes to mind.

A look at US "help"

A TruthOut article on how the US helps other countries is clearly of international scope but Nicaragua has been a victim of some of this help. As we seem to be working toward WWIII, I think this issue is worth looking at.

Ideas and link at

Learning hardware-ish names

If you are like me you have walked into a hardware store looking for a cosa or a chuncha because you didn't know what it was really called. While there are lot of cases where the correct name is not used and there are some variations in names in the region, I just accidentally found what seems to be a useful resource.

Alternative to IMF and World Bank

It's been talked about for ages but it looks like it is really happening.

Press release and IMF response added.

Granada photos moved to A42

The photos from the Department/Granada photo gallery have been moved to A42. The move is described in a blog entry.

Bates Method book in Spanish?

I regularly get SPAM about a "program" where you pay $100 or $50 or less to get a package to improve your vision. I just got one today. It is always the same thing: Bates' book from 1920 and some trinkets. This time I decided to download the original version of the book and, more important, look for a translation to Spanish.

El Savador farmers win over Monsanto

The US government tried to force GMO products on El Salvador but the farmers united to defeat the plan. Details on both the plan and the success of the farmers at

Is HushMail secure?

Mike recently said it was (in communicating with non-HushMail users. I think not. My case is presented at . Let me know what you think (there).

Why Repression Continues in Honduras

That's the title of the article but there is a lot of Nicaragua information in it as it compares Honduras to Nicaragua to see how their histories diverged and why.

The New Nicaragua

Canal or no, the country is moving in the right direction.

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