Welcome to NicaLiving

If you have been following our history you know that the old NicaLiving web site had to be retired because of the age of the software. Much of the content is on our generic ex-pat site, A42.com. Here we will maintain links and possibly some other interesting stuff. If you want to keep up on Nicaragua stuff, check out A42.

You can use the search box below to look for something specific on both this site and A42.com.


If you don't find what you are looking for from the old NicaLiving site, post a comment about it on A42.com. There are lots more things to be added. That which gets asked for will get first priority.

Nicaragua Mailing List

The idea for a list was suggested. See MailingList for details.

Note that the list uses to traditonal MailMan software. There are many possible configuration changes. I also welcome a volunteer to be the administrator and/or moderator. I personally have no interest in being involved in the list administration.