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Why Nicaraguan Kids Aren’t Fleeing To U.S. | KPBS


It is Central America’s poorest country, but its kids aren’t heading north like those in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

More at the link...

I'll give you a hint, the reason Nicaraguan children are not traipsing north is not that the economy is so good in Nicaragua, it is something else, according to this story at least... :)

Maersk stands up for Nicaraguan canal


"Building a Nicaragua canal seems to make good sense. The canal is projected to have room for the biggest ships, while also saving 800km on a journey from New York to Los Angeles," said Keith Svendsen, head of daily operations for Maersk, according to a report by maritime industry outlet Shippingwatch.com.


Seems like this interoceanic canal is getting more and more of serious endeavor.

Godzilla in Managua, Nicaragua! (Confidencial)


How the Nicaraguan Government Finally Destroyed the Concha Acustica

TV news also has the story, the First Lady of Nicaragua had to call in Godzilla to destroy the architectural landmark of downtown Managua! Jump to about 27 seconds in to see the action

Foreigners "trapped" in San Juan del Sur


From El Nuevo Diario, a story on four entrepreneurs who have opened up businesses in SJdS. Among them the lovely Kelly Ann Thomas! The most interesting thing for me is the comments on the El Nuevo Diario website and Kelly Ann's kickass response to an ignorant person there "NICA."

The Good and Bad About Retiring in Nicaragua

So what is the good and bad about retiring in Nicaragua? Let’s start with a few common topic areas and see how far we get in helping you to determine whether Nicaragua might be a good place for you.


Just some random thoughts on what seems to be some of the good things and the not-so-good things about retiring in Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Why Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman Are Flocking to Nicaragua for Getaways – The Hollywood Reporter


I posted this link on Facebook and got a comment from someone saying why should I (or anyone, presumably…) care about what Hollywood types think or bother to pay attention to as Nicaragua would be better served attracting middle-class North Americans to visit the country instead of these “Hollywood liberals.”

My response was:

How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk


A while back, I was interviewed as part of a story on medical tourism in Nicaragua. It is a fairly good introduction to the subject.

Trustworthy answers to what is it like to drive in Managua, Nicaragua and thousands of other topics, provided by a diversified..

...a diversified group of experts.

So this post is about a new-to-me website that purports to offer "trustworthy answers to what it is like to drive in Managua..." amongst other topics that might be of interest. They have some good content; for example, a sort of decision tree that is pretty helpful to figure out where in Nicaragua you might want to live.

Anyway, here is my answer to a question about traffic in Managua:

Tiangue de Monimbó, a great place to eat traditional Nicaraguan food in Masaya


Anyone here eaten at el Tiangue in Masaya? It was re-done a couple of years ago and is a nice clean place to eat excellent fritanga with some specialties that most of the neighborhood places don't offer. Super tasty food at economical prices. I've started taking visitors there after touring the volcano and the artisan's market. Great place for a snack and introduction to Nicaraguan food.

Why Medicare Won’t Cover You Overseas – US News

I'll cut to the chase for you...If you need expat health insurance (my understanding is), you can buy overseas insurance in your home country (which probably is not cheap), you can enroll in one of the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas discount clubs (which isn’t really an insurance), or, when you have residency in Nicaragua, you can buy local insurance. See my post for links.


Revisiting Nicaragua, This Time as a Tourist – NYTimes.com

Interesting article about a former “sandalista” who came down in the mid-1980s during the Contra War to see what Nicaragua was like in the present day.


Relocation to Nicaragua on a Shoestring Budget: Fact or Fiction?

Goals, Aspirations, and Dreams vs. Truth, Reality, and Fact

MY OPINION: First in a Series

The difference between aspiring to move to Nicaragua and the actuality of moving to Nicaragua.


Kinda like the title says...do people actually move to a place like Nicaragua and just make it work somehow without a lot of money to invest?

Directory of volunteer opportunities in Nicaragua


Originally posted in Nicaragua Dispatch.

I get a lot of questions about volunteering in Nicaragua, especially if one only has a day or even just a morning or afternoon to volunteer, I usually suggest that a donation of some sort is in order. Included in the blog post are some answers to the "What to bring?" question.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

“Best Cities to Live in Nicaragua” A note on the process of discovering your best place in Nicaragua

Does a beachfront location beat out every other consideration? Think it through!


A sort of contest where you don't actually win anything except bragging rights, but click through and comment on where do you think using this example, folks would possibly find their "perfect Nicaragua"? (notice quote-unquote!)

Best Cities to Live in Nicaragua


First in a series if I get some positive feedback...this post sets the groundwork on some of the considerations to think of when trying to decide "where" once you've decided on "there" being Nicaragua...enjoy and comments most definitely welcome!

Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

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