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Rivas Police Arrest Gang - Suspects in the Majagual Job

Gang of 6. It would be nice to clear that one and a few others up.


Happy Canada Day...and take a bow Canada

The Reputation Institute: Canada world's most reputable country


The country with the lowest reputation was Iraq, ranked 50th. Iran (49th), Pakistan (48th) and Nigeria (47th) followed.

Chia is a Pet Project

With coffee taking a beating due to climate change, some farmers are turning to chia (salvia hispanica) as an alternative crop.

Acustica (CAC Trading) is investing $9 million in a new plant in Jinotega that will process the seed that has quickly become popular as a health food. The processing plant should be ready in 2014.

As well, the Local Development Fund (LDF) in alliance with Acustica (CAC Trading) will help farmers with a three million Cordoba financing package and technical assistance.

New Mall

Aeroplaza Mall - two-story building that will have 56 stores and which will cost $ 6 million, completed before the end of the year.

The new shopping center will be located across from Managua International Airport, adjacent to the Hotel Las Mercedes.

The building will measure 11,000 meters square and the goal is to catch the arrival of customers from other parts of Nicaragua and residential areas on the highway north of the capital.

Canadian dies in Esteli


Malcolm Thomas Porter.

Police and experts determined there was no abnormality in death abroad.

Porter was a retiree who came to Nicaragua four years ago, visited Esteli, fell in love with the climate and the hospitality of its people, was living in that city in a rented house for four months.

New Construction Primer

Aimed at reducing or preventing risk, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) has produced a New Construction Primer. The official said that the primer is available to the general public and that it includes specifications of materials and recommendations on how to build in different areas of the country as well as new building systems that have been approved by this institution. 8,000 copies in Spanish and 400 in Miskito have been printed and an English version is available in a digital format.

MODEXO - Módulo de Exoneraciones

The Ministry of Finance has announced a new system for the importation of tax exempt products. As of June 3rd, they will be able to speed up the process by using the Modexo system (Módulo de Exoneraciones) which is a system of validation of tax exempt goods into the country. The system has been on trial at various customs agencies and will go live country wide on June 3rd. (In fact, it will be the only way to import tax exempt goods).

7 charged in $6B online money laundering case


Liberty Reserve allowed users to open accounts using fictitious names, including "Russian Hacker" and "Hacker Account." An undercover investigator was able to register using the name "Joe Bogus" and the address "123 Fake Main Street" in "Completely Made Up City, New York," and then conduct transactions he recorded as "ATM skimming network" and "for the cocaine."

Another American Fugitive Captured

The Minister of the Interior, Ana Isabel Morales, confirmed the capture of an American fugitive.

Lawrence Scott Groeser, who identified himself as Jaime Todd in Nicaragua and who posed as the son of a Nicaraguan mother.

According to the Minister of the Interior, were able to identify the subject when he was trying to negotiate a Nicaraguan passport from Immigration. After his capture, was referred to the Directorate of Legal Aid.

He will be deported to the United States in the early hours of tomorrow.


Transit Route/Ruta del Transito

The idea of going from New York to San Francisco via Nicaragua doesn't sound logical, even though you could do it (and still can) by only spending 12 miles, or 20 kilometers of that journey out of a boat and on land!

Esteli Lawyer says "Yes, I stole the Money"...

We hear a lot on this site about lawyers, here is a good story from END today.

The lawyer and notary public Fabiola Ninoska Ibarra Gonzalez admitted in a public trial to committing the offense of aggravated theft (aggravated by her position of trust) and is awaiting the verdict of the sentencing judge.

Prosecutors had accused Ibarra of taking U.S. $ 6,500 out of a total of $ 16,500 for the sale of a plot of land located in the municipality of La Trinidad.

Bolivian President Evo Morales expels USAID


Speaking at a rally in La Paz, the president said there was "no lack of US institutions which continue to conspire against our people and especially the national government, which is why we're going to take the opportunity to announce on this May Day that we've decided to expel USAID".

He then turned to his Foreign Minister, David Choquehuanca, and asked him to inform the US embassy of his decision.


OK, now that I have fyls attention!!

I had some of the famous Quinoa in a trendy place in BC last summer. It was nice but so was the broccoli etc that was in the salad as well.

Today, while drinking my Cebada and thinking it wasn't that healthy, I looked down at a grain of cebada (pearl barley) and thought of Quinoa.

So I looked up cebada - Pearl Barley on a Nutritional Values of Grains & Flours site at http://www.immuneweb.org/lowcarb/food/grains.html and found that it was not as bad for me as I thought. In fact compared to the over priced and trendy Quinoa, it was very good.

This Week in Nicaraguan History


Date: April 19th 1990 Event: The nine year Nicaraguan civil war (1981-1990) officially ended.

Date: April 25th 1990 Event: Violeta Barrios de Chamorro was inaugurated as President of Nicaragua for a six year term.

Maintenance work will cause power outages in Matagalpa this Sunday

The work will take place this Sunday from six in the morning and for seven hours (1pm)

Affected will be: The central and western sectors of Matagalpa, Barrios Yaguare, La Virgen, San Francisco, El Porvenir, Germán Pomares, Juan Pablo II, Rodolfo López, Palo Alto, Pancasan, Apante, Santos López, Guanuca, 10 de Junio, Habita, Reconciliación, El Cementerio, El Tule, Edmundo Castellón and Manuel Baldizón.


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