Why Medicare Won’t Cover You Overseas – US News

I'll cut to the chase for you...If you need expat health insurance (my understanding is), you can buy overseas insurance in your home country (which probably is not cheap), you can enroll in one of the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas discount clubs (which isn’t really an insurance), or, when you have residency in Nicaragua, you can buy local insurance. See my post for links.

Fear of physical violence

In our discussions on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, I mentioned the current stat, that there "a person is murdered every 21 minutes." (Wiki, "Venezuela is among the most violent places on Earth.")

You, reader, probably don't fear physical violence everyday - unless you live in a bad area, where rents are dirt cheap, or are homeless (with i-Pad?).

Nicaragua is pretty safe, with its female-led police force and its growing abundance that doesn't just trickle down to the poor, but is being shoved their way, politically.

Free Crack for All

Afraid to buy crack cocaine for the unemployed? Let's see how various political/economic systems deal with this issue.

With Capitalism there is no free crack. If you want to use crack then you have to come up with the money to buy it. The system, of course, encourages you to use crack because profit is what capitalism is all about. The only kind of government involvement you want is something that will increase your profit.

With Communism, everyone contributes work to acquire crack for the population. Anyone who wants crack receives it for free.

Areas of the US that are developing and poorer than other parts of the US Comparisons are relative to US wealthier and poorer counties, not absolute in comparison with Africa.

When people talk about Nicaragua or the US as thought either was just one thing, I think about different maps and statistics I've seen for various areas of the US and observations while traveling in Nicaragua (now to Managua and Matagalpa many times, Esteli once, and trips to Ometepe and some of the north countryside here.

Found out more from Sebastian about why I ended up with the fish so fast

Pretty much what I had suspected -- the Tanganyikan cichlids had been beating them up. Fins are healing nicely. I gave Sebastian the fish that had lost an eye and we didn't discuss what he did with the guy, but the fish got to eat a bunch of guppies and spend the night in a heated tank before Sebastian took him away (I assume to feed his snapping turtle.

Eating organic in Nicaragua

I expect everyone would prefer eating organically grown food if it was available and cost-effective. In the US most people turn to the government to sort out what is and isn't organic. Nicaragua is a lot more Libertarian. That is, the government lets you, and expects you, to do your own homework. Here is what I have found is a reasonable approach to finding organic food.

TED Talk: Here's How We Take Back the Internet

A new talk from TED 2014 at Whistler, BC. The presenter is Ed Snowden, appearing via robot. The talk is not about who this guy is but about what needs to be done and why.

The talk is available on the TED web site. Sir Tim Berners-Lee was in the audience and was invited up on state to ask Snowden questions.

Stuff getting better: Fish, Cameras, and Nicaragua

The two guests were leaving the Sollentuna Hem when I was out before breakfast walking Lola were Nicaraguans, guy with a big Canon with the battery grip over his shoulder, FSLN flag in the car along with what looked like a wife/woman from a class above his.

Looking for Vanilla orchid.

I would like to purchase a 6 foot to 1 meter vine of Vanilla pompona or Vanilla planifolia to grow and add to my orchid collection. Does anybody know of a vivera or other collector that might have one to sell or trade for a different orchid?

Lake Nicaragua/Lago Colcibolca fish website

This is a country for really big fish tanks -- and some fish really don't make good aquarium fish -- dovii and managuense seem to be solitary except during breeding season. Current tank will be thinned to probably eight fish even though the convict variations tend to be smaller fish as cichlids go.

Did your computer get a virus?

If it did and you are a US taxpayer, it sounds like there is a good chance you paid for it. A rather disturbing article in The Intercept will fill you in on the details.

It will also tell you that if you are one of the unfortunate who has used Facebook that you might have been talking to an NSA server.

Thinking about the Malaysia Air "disappearance"

To me it is surprising there is not more data yet. As I write this an oil slick has been discovered and there have been a couple of items reported from unconfirmed sources:

  • An anonymous pilot or air traffic controller said he heard "mumbled speech" from the plane in question.
  • One article said the emergency locator beacon from the plane was found.

The Great U-turn

I just read an essay titled The Great U-turn by Robert Reich. For us older folks it is a great read. It is about the US that we all grew up in and how that is quite different than the US of today.

Lots of us remember that US and, for some reason, are under the illusion that how things worked for the middle class didn't change. Reich brings us up to date.

Apparently most Nicaraguan aquarists don't keep Nicaraguan fish

Couple of reasons: it's legal to catch national fish from what two different sources have told me, and to keep them (unless they're endangered or living in a protected area), but it's not legal to sell them (honored in the breach often enough, but probably why I have ten free convict cichlids).

Maybe it was the TSA

It was suggested on NL that maybe the Malaysian airline crash was a terrorist attack. While we do now know where the plane went down we don't yet know the cause. But, this morning I read an article that shows one organization that sounds like they are stocking up on supplies. I figured I would share it with you.

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