NicaLiving is moving to

After a few mis-steps, I have decided to incorporate NL into A42. This post offers the details. If you have comments, please post them there.

As there have been service interruptions on various sites I have placed a status page on (a site that has already been moved and should be stable) to keep you informed.

Scotland for Ex-pats?

If you are still considering becoming an ex-pat somewhere or just looking for a second passport, the independence vote in Scotland on the 18th might be important to you.

Assange And Truth

Assange has always made it up as he went. I never thought he had anything to fear from the Obama administration. Obama's friends include far worse.

If those Swedish rape allegations were indeed made up to facilitate a rendition to the US, Julian now has nothing to fear (other than a conviction of rape, of course).

Excellent news, indeed!

Using a public hospital

This is a Guatemala adventure, not Nicaragua but not that different. While I wasn't the patient, it is a first-hand account.

Tegus Hotel Recommendation

Any suggestions for a hotel in Tegus with moderate amenities (AC and hot water),, either close to the airport or with a shuttle?

How about long term vehicle parking,, any suggestions there?


Calling Canada from Nicaragua

I don´t call Canada from Nicaragua very much but when I do call I need to be sure the connection is reliable.

For the past few years I´ve used skype and it worked well enough but lately is has become useless. The problem is not my internet connection which is plenty fast enough.

I´ve read enough about this problem on skype-user forums to know that I can forget about solving so it´s time to find another way to connect.

Why bitcoin for business matters

My recent personal experience with international banking and how bitcoin could make a difference:

Migration and Immigration.

Because NL is migrating to A42 I did´t post anything else, however a lot of people is still visiting NL so I would like to post something regarding Immigration.

Nowadays there are more than two hundred case to be sign by the General Director of Immigration, that´s means more than two hundred files to check and approve, I was informed last week in my periodic visit to Immigration to confirm if some of my clients have been approved – the two hundred files are not mine – especially some of them have been waiting more than six months.

A42 redirects

While NL will have redirects to specific places on the A42 site (that is, even after the current Drupal site is retired), I recognized the need for redirects within the site itself. When I was working with Paul Tiffer to get some information moved/new information posted he asked me for the URL. Basically, I was embarassed because it was so long. I was sure the redirect ability existed but couldn't find it last Friday. Today, I did.

Here are the first two I added as a test:

News sources

There is a growing list of news sources at Not FOX, ABC, CNN, ... but stuff many may not know exist. I would like to encourage people to contribute to the list.

More of the GMO game

Cash Deposit; how much currently?

Hi all When applying for a Cedula there is apparently a Cash Deposit to be paid: The deposit, I'm told, is mandatory and provides the government of Nicaragua with the necessary funds to deport you if for any reason they find it necessary. Does anyone know what this deposit currently amounts to?

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