reply to re photos of las praderas

reply to re photos of las praderas

Here is one for you. It's of my wife on the trail to her farm in Pantasma. She has about 30 cattle, a horse and a mule. Not sure how many animals her mother and brothers have. After you leave Las Praderas (20 min) on the way to Wiwilli you will pass over 2 bridges. At the second bridge on the right are her mohter and brother's houses. Hang a right after the second bridge and head up on the trail to the mountains. Stop by and say hi!

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Thank you, and thanks very much for the invitation.

Very kind and generous of you to offer. As February draws near and my return to Nicaragua draws closer I will talk to you further on it. I definitely will be back up in the Jinotega area. It is different but somewhat similar to the province of B.C's interior which is also rolling hills, mountains, and grassland cattle country.