The " costanera " latest rumors

The " costanera " latest rumors


The start of the project is estimated to 2009.

The problem is twofold as follows:

1. How to get right of way.

2. How to pay for it.

The cost of the road is not a issue as far as I have heard.

The problem is to get developers to donate land for the road, as this will ultimately benefit all land owners and increase the value of land. If the solution is taking right of way and compensate, they are afraid it will be a costly affair and it will ultimately make the road very expensive. The good news was in the news papers yesterday with Grupo Pellas announcing their 350 million$ project, and in the same breath talking about the importance of the " costanera " It's coming, that is for sure, I hope you own a hidden corner on the Pacific, because it is going to be gold. The map supplied is the MIT official map.