Strange Almost-Deportation Case

An article in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune is an interesting account of deportation law limbo. Immigration flew Nidia Vallecillo and her infant son Jared to Miami to be deported to Nicaragua but they were unable to leave the country because her son did not have a passport.
Overnight, Vallecillo went from being a prisoner in an Elk River jail to a mother with an ankle monitor at a comfortable home in Brooklyn Center. The paperwork glitch surprised immigration officials and Vallecillo, who is among the growing number of parents facing deportation who must grapple with the fate of their children.

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Brooklyn Center

The story never covers this (and there might be a good reason why) but ... how does someone work 2 “temporary jobs” and make enough to send money home to help her family, after paying to live in what is described as a "comfortable home" in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota ? There is at least one part of the story they are not telling readers…