Kinzel's Murderer Gets Five Years

On the news this morning it was reported that Kiutza Hildago was sentenced to five years in jail for the murder of Ken Kinzel in Estelí earlier this year. (See previous discussion.) This is the maximum sentence for a minor and she was 17 when she committed the crime.

While the coverage of the basics was brief (this was on Radio ABC, the most popular station in this area) there was a lengthy discussion about dealing with her jail time. While she is now 18, because she was 17 when she committed the crime, she should be serving her jail time in a facility for minors. But, they went on to say there aren't any.

That confused me but I forgot that this is, in US/Canadian terms, a state or provincial crime, not a federal crime. Thus, she would be serving her sentence in a jail within the department of Estelí. There is a reform school near Condega but no other facility for minors. So, she will be serving her sentence in the prison in Estelí.

As much as we would all like to say "it's over", I have a bad feeling it isn't. That is, I think she/her family will continue to "stir the pot" over this "no prison for minors" issue. Why do I say this? Because of the very detailed discussion on the news. Let's hope that I am wrong.

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it isn't over 'til it's over

as my Dad always says. I must say that I personally am rather relieved, but I agree with fyl, it doesn't look like it's really over.

If you've ever met her family or seen them in the news you can see that they are definitely ones to stir the pot.

There is the issue of prison facilities and Kiutza is now apparently walking around her cell buck naked these days trying to convince the cops she's crazy. According to my source, they aren't falling for it. I'm not sure what they'd do with her if they decided she was crazy, but she must think that's a better option than spending time in a cell.

I know you all think I was silly for saying that we should not use her name, but the reason for that was that as a minor, her identity was supposed to be protected. I just didn't want her to get off on some technicality like "my identity was revealed and therefore my rights were violated."

I also don't really feel like it's over because all the people who participated in one way or another (from renting the car for her to distributing the bones to helping her clean up afterwards) are free and walking around even though some of them are adults and not minors. As accomplices they should all be locked up. And even the police never really believed that she did it alone since physically as a smallish woman who was 8 months pregnant at the time of the murder, it would have been almost impossible for her to move his body from one room to the next.

But because she confessed to it all, it made it more convenient and easy to try.

The fact that these other people are free and clear is not too comforting, but her conviction is better than nothing.