Nicaragua receives first batch of Iranian-Venezuelan tractors

Nicaragua receives first batch of Iranian-Venezuelan tractors Tehran Times Economic Desk

TEHRAN, Apr. 5 (MNA) – The first cargo of Iranian tractors, assembled in Venezuela, was dispatched to Nicaragua, Fars News Agency quoted Prensa Latina News Agency of Cuba as reporting.

The consignment, comprised 45 tractors, was exported to Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua.

A Nicaraguan official said that 20 more tractors will be imported from Venezuela in the near future.

Moises Lopez, the head of Nicaragua’s Cooperatives Company, announced that his country has signed several accords with Venezuela in line with the country’s agriculture sector’s promotion.

Venezuela has vowed to provide Nicaragua with Iranian tractors at low prices.

The first assembly line for manufacturing Iranian tractors in Venezuela went on stream in 2007 which is Iran’s first factory works in a foreign country.

The plant's nominal capacity is 5,000 tractors and it started manufacturing its products as of the beginning of 2008.

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I think that the tractors were Polish not Russian. The starters went out on them right away which is why you see them parked facing downhill on small dirt mounds so that they can be roll started. I've seen that up around Chinandega.

Alan S. Wicks Kennewick, WA


"Venezuela has vowed to provide Nicaragua with Iranian tractors at low prices."

Does anyone know what the low price actually is? I hate to be suspicious of what seems to be a good deal on the surface, but when politics get involved I have found general statements like this usually men the Politian's are the only real beneficiaries. My cynical guess would be the price is only marginally lower if any at all.

I guess you can tell I hold used car salesmen in higher stature then Politicians.

1st Capt. Ron

Tractors = Excellent Public Opinion Tool

I agree with Ron. However, whoever said that handing out tractors (and land) would have been cheaper (and more effective) than war in Viet Nam was correct. A benevolent approach is cetainly better for winning hearts and minds. Tractors are symbolic. I wonder who builds the engines for these tractors. China or Korea I'm guessing.

Quick answer

This page might answer your question but I am having a bit of trouble reading it. :-) Ok, I lied, there are versions in English and Spanish.


The engines are built in Iran by Motorsazan. Hope they are reliable. Diesels are usually dependable, but things do break - not the engine particularly, but the tractor itself. Assembled in Venezuela from Iranian parts. If there is no parts inventory in Nicaragua, there could be increased FDC time.

Happened before

During the U.S. embargo of Nicaragua, farmers here had the same parts problems. While I wasn't here I was told they loved their John Deere tractors (and hated to Russian ones they got) but just couldn't get parts.