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shipping to usa

want to ship a small amount of things from my home [here in ni.] to my mother in tampa

looking for a "space" verses "weight " by boat

any info ?


You don't say what it is, but...

And this may not apply to you (but it's useful to know). If it involves any kind of artifacts, you made need a permit from the Instituto Nicaragüense de Cultura.

They (try) and control what leaves the country (even down to salvaged pillars and doors from old houses f they meet certain requirements on age and cultural value).

Just bear it in mind when you talk to a customs broker or customs themselves.


trying to find a finger oximeter to measure oxygen while using a oxygen concentrator

any idea where i might find on in nicaragua? thanks

renewing temporary import permit

Hi, thanks for all for your many informative posts on this site, which I have just joined. We are currently trying out living in Nicaragua, preliminary to getting residency under the early retirement/rentista provisions. That will eventually enable us to import our car without duty, but for now we just want to renew the very short 30-day import permit - with the least hassle possible. The last post that I could find was from over a year ago, and said the only way was to go into Managua and spend a day doing the paperwork and paying $1.00. I guess the other option is to go to Penas Blancas and import into Costa Rica, then turn around and return to Nica for another 30 days. Does anybody have any recent information or advice to offer on this? Is it crazy to think that there might be a customs office in Granada that could deal with this? Is there any way of getting more than 30 days at a time? Thanks in advance.