La Colonia LindaVista

La Colonia LindaVista

totally revamped, great place to shop, although we have two Pali s now, one La Union and this La Colonia within 4 city blocks. Avenida 35, the extention (they call it) of Carretera Sur heading for Los semafaros de Linda Vista is to your right, 3 blocks

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If I'm not mistaken,

wasn't this the original La Colonia (from back in the 70's)? That's about the right location...

Maybe you are Mistaken

When I bought the property back in the 80s it was a depot for Flor de Caña....I liked the new four lane highway it had too and just looked like it was going to bust in new developments and businesses like our native Granada. Having the depot so close made it all that more attractive. Instead we have grocery stores and banks and gas stations.

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