Rigo Taleno at New port in Managua

Rigo Taleno at New port in Managua

very nice little purto , nice and strong construction , the only problem is whe it will rain,it may get flooded..due to rise of water on the Lake Managua. But well built.

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Port on Lake Managua

It is a nice effort, but engineering is all wrong. Road is under water during the second half of the wet season. Can not even get a boat launched there. Typical nicaraguan work....close by no cigar. It has vendors and people hanging out there, but likely dead in 6 months. Rush and poorly managed, like all govt tourism spots. Then need to consider the end user when planning this stuff. Hopefully, the boat runs.

"typical Nicaraguan work"

Remember where u r, the land of Not Quite Right!!!


Are we being slightly condescending here? A touch of the colonial mindset?

A horse! A kingdom for a horse! Goran Bockman

You just have to be

here long enough to realize that the above statements have nothing to do with colonial mindsets, they are simply true.

Remember the dock for the new float planes?

Collapsed on opening day as the plane was unloading passengers for the first time.


i like the system here..it works great for me..im on s.s. and live real good on my check..couldnt do it in costa rica or the states..i luv..this country..but have a problem with a lot of nica. people..i dont think there as kind and considerate as a lot of u say they are..try driving..and see how ignorant they are..


the docks are a little screwed up..but u go there on a sunday afternoon the place is packed..lot of nice little reasturants and bars..my only complaint..everyone has there own sound system..had some friends come in from canada..took them there for dinner one night..they enjoyed it

In spite of your "positive" outlook jab,

this project presents a good effort. What's really needed, are "experts" such as jab contributing their time and effort. Then the rest of us (Including the Nicaraguan common man) can sit on our butts and be armchair critics just like jab an see where HE screws up. :-)

For your information jab, the saying is: "Close but NO cigar!" not "Close by no cigar"!

I guess you are not all that perfect after all. Well.... what a disappointment. ;-)

For everyone's information, the boat runs just fine!

Instead of criticizing, why not take a trip and support the effort?

In my humble opinion, Nicaragua needs more supporters and fewer cynical critics. But what the hell do I know...

Shut up!! enough already!!

i sick of listening people just complainting about Nicaragua, if you don't like it, get the heck out!! put nicely....why can't you post a solution, my goodness what a negative view!! this comment made me so mad i could punch the guy, and what makes me more mad is that he could be right!!Chaq

Just ignor him

This forum is to discuss these types of topics but you are right, no one gives a solutions, just bitch like little girls..maybe you can ask him or her if he has a solution to the global economic mess.

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