CoolTop Construction Progress

CoolTop Construction Progress

I was up at the property again today. Here is what the main building construction looks like right now. I will be back up on Thursday to install more electrical boxes.

Today's big accomplishment was to get the weather station up and running. As soon as we have internet connectivity it will be on-line. I finished the installation at about 11AM. At that time the temperature was about 22C. Sure fits my definition of "just right".

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time share

ever thought about building a couple of cabins and do the time sharing thing? Chaq

Worth thinking about

We hadn't but it is worth thinking about. The "Geek Cabina" idea is the "innovation". The hotel and such is just another hotel. Sure, location is amazing but it is pretty standard in concept.

The idea of the geek cabinas is that you can rent by the month with full services (meals, maid, laundry) at a reasonable price. That may be better for those that would consider a time-share but I am not sure.

We also are allowing "buy-ins" which could be used as a time-share. The details aren't firm but basically you can invest to get a 99-year lease on your own space (nothing will be sold because of how our permisso works) where you could then build a time-share.

We are clearly in "construction mode" right now but when that stuff settles down I will get back to thinking about things like this.

Lookin good...

glad to see the progress , love those pines, really looking forward to visiting

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate


i love those pines! do you have them doug?

"The vice of capitalism is that there is an unequal share of blessings; the virtue of socialism is that there is equal share of misery"....Sir Winston Churchill

I wish...

we had some, I did bring some seeds from one in our yard in WA...maybe when I'm 70... :)

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate

First Dome

Doug knows this but I figure I should toss this out in case anyone else is interested.

On 21 November we are going to start construction on our first dome. It is only 10 feet in diameter and will become "the guard shack". But, we all have zero experience doing this so it is an opportunity to learn.

The excitement will probably start about a week later. First we have to prepare the area, dig for the foundation, put in the rebar and pour it. Then we attach the airform, inflate, install rebar over it forming the places for door and window and "plaster" the outside.

If you want to see the process you are welcome to visit. I will keep people posted on the progress here. If you are interested in being there, PM me for details.

good choice

for the guard shack, a very defensible position :)

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate