Julia at 16

Julia at 16

This is the same Julia as here four years ago and of "Peter Christopher's Spanish instructor" fame today at age 16.

She says she is looking for someone who wants to marry her.

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So you are saying too that

she’s a bright girl – by Nic standards - and wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps?

Find The Dad

Poor kid. Blue Eyes,Reddish hair and freckles ? Obviously a NGO kid. Wish someone could track down the father and have him help her out.

Goodlooking kid

one would hope she has higher ambitions than simply getting married.She sounds like a bright girl in your original post-hope she succeeds in life.Interesting that she has blue eyes-must have a fair amount of European ancestry.


I believe (that is, I think someone--either her or Peter--told me) she was a "product" of an NGO. Not clear that all foreign aid is what Nicaragua needs.

When she was 12 her "street pitch" was the best I have ever heard. But, today, she is no longer "a cute little street girl". She is certainly bright but seems a bit down on life right now.

So you are saying that

So you are saying that somewhere in the developed world, there is a guy, presumably with an elevated degree of education given that he was an NGO representative, who just lets his half-Nicaraguan daughter go around begging in Esteli and hoping to marry someone at age 16? Gee, what a gentleman.

-- Johannes Wilm http://www.johanneswilm.org


This may not be the case here (but may be too), but it happens, and not just rarely. give you some insight why NGOs are not universally respected or liked. Just an adventure for some. Dirties the rest of the good ones.ZZT


She wants to get married at 16? That sounds young to me, but is that young for Nicaragua? Maybe she just looking to fall in love like all girls her age?

1st Capt. Ron (Title by Miskito Alan)

pan handle?

In a comment on the post four years ago, you mention that she is 12 and the best "pan handler" in Esteli.

I looked it up ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pan%20handle ) and "pan handle" simply is slang for an "erect penis". One can only imagine what a "pan handler" is doing.

I misunderstood something, right?

Btw, Spanish-instruction fees in Leon are 120 cordobas/hour which is close to the same I receive for English-teaching lessons. -- Johannes Wilm http://www.johanneswilm.org


That's someone looking for a handout. While I don't know this for sure, I am guessing the California version of the expression came from the hippies that hung out in the pan handle (area of a park in San Francisco) looking for handouts.


It's one word, not two. Panhandling as one word is easy to look up on wikipedia or at dictionary.com. According to the latter, the word dates back to about 1900, and expresses the resemblance between an outstretched begging arm/hand, and the handle of a pan.

Ah :) -- Johannes

Ah :)

-- Johannes Wilm http://www.johanneswilm.org