All Ready, Looking for a Husband

All Ready, Looking for a Husband

Those were her words, not mine.

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Smiley ladies?

What exactly is that in the background then? To me it looks like sunshine. Sunshine, flowers, smiles? You gots all that? We gots a foot of snow on the ground, with freezing rain coming up real soon now. What's wrong with this picture? (The one I'm in -- this is supposed to be sunny Puget Sound. Something is terribly wrong with my life.)

-- Dave (

This is marketing :-)

The photo was taken at CoolTop at our Christmas party. As you guys are freezing your culos off up there, we are in t-shirts here.

You get to see pines just like in the Pacific Northwest but, well, the weather is a bit different.


She is gorgeous! Tell her to come on over to matagalpa some time ;-)

1st Capt. Ron (Title by Miskito Alan)