Construction estimate please!!

Construction estimate please!!

I am planning to build a 2 story apartment the measurements are as follows: 15 foot front x 50 feet deep. It is located in Central Ocotal and the property has a water connection already installed. I want to build with brick and tiled roof. The facade would look something like this. Any body have an idea of the building total building costs of such a project?

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A lot of questions

will need to be answered before anyone can give you a realistic price.

The first question that comes to mind is: Why spend the money (And headaches) on a tiled roof when you are planning to hide it behind a facade?

Why use brick and not concrete blocks that will provide greater structural integrity? Have you even considered using other methods such as Coventech?

Since you are planning on 2 levels you may really want to think about building techniques.

Depending on many factors that can change the final cost by as much as 30%-40% up or down, I'd say you will likely be looking at U$ 120K if you want something that is well built.

You'll be able to do it for less if you cut corners, more if you use really nice interior finishes.