Appropriate Building Techniques

Anyone who has been reading here for a while understands that typical building techniques and materials here are very different than what they might expect in find in, for example, the U.S. or Canada. Much of that has been discussed and maybe we need a "book" on construction techniques. But, I have realized that beyond those differences, what you might call alternative building needs to be different as well.

I have the Earthship series of books, one of natural buildings, some on using solar energy and more. Some idea translate fine but pretty much anything that depends on the angle of the sun don't work. For example, a typical technique to passively heat your house in the US during cold months is to have a lot of glass facing south with an overhang that will reduce summer sun. That won't work here.

Another issue is how some solar water heaters depend on thermosiphon principles to achieve water flow. A typical design, tilted to work here will not work.

Finally, what are inexpensive or recycled materials that are available in Nicaragua are different. Also, with lower labor costs, a more labor-intensive approach may well cost a lot less due to lower materials costs.

My question here is "what should we do"? That is, should we start a book (that is really a set of pages) to talk about this, or ??? What sort of interest would there be in exploring this?

For me, I would like to see us develop these ideas and then translate them into Spanish so that locals could benefit.

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bldg directory

that link i sent you phil,( has a heading at the top i overlooked that has a glossary of tool and material fotos as well as building terms that are translated. for those interested it gives a foto journal of a large scale reno he completed up in san migel de allende i believe it was.

great idea

i think it be great to add sources, costs, delivery costs. contractors, subcontractors, permiting. i'd buy that ebook. it could be supplemented, etc. great idea!

i say, capitol idea

i was part of another forum board while in mexico that put together something along the same vein which was a much valued reference for those visiting the site. it was spearheaded by one member and built on from there. it was accessable by a link through the forum under the construction heading. the terminology and procedural flow of adobe construction was invaluable for me. a constant reference. coincedentally i was trying to google just what you were suggesting last week. i for one would be interested in helping towards it's developement.

It helps

Your posts and questions posted on this forum are a help to me. Im a think out of the box/ make due with what i have access to. Keeps my mind on the fact that Nica is a "frontier" compared to here in the USA. Thats why im planning to move there. It also is nice to read about what real issuse may arise. 99% of all websites try and sell you on Nica, overlooking how a real day to day life may be. Thanks and again i offer my help when the time comes around. ...Prepirate days...