Managua Lake Dugouts, c1921

Managua Lake Dugouts, c1921

This is one of a dozen or so plates (images), likely removed from an unknown book. A friend acquired these when he bought some other items in Amapala Island more than 30 years ago. The actual images are 18x23 cm (about 7x9"), on paper 28x33 cm. All were framed long ago, and this email jpg is shot through the glass and cropped. I don't know the photographer or exact locale, or the name of the book from which they were likely removed. The photo quality of the originals are remarkably good, and I suspect they were produced in book-form in limited numbers. I didn't recognize any of the images as having been in other common books or encyclopedias, or used on postcards, etc. If anyone has more information regarding any of these images (all are entered here and can be searched under "Orbis-Zentralamerika", I would appreciate that information. The labels from the back are in code of some sort, and the phrase is not the title of the book; I suspect "P" refers to "Plate", and "C" to "Copyright" - but that is only a guess. If the latter is copyright, it is likely the date of the book copyright, not the date the image was taken. If these are plate numbers then it would seem there are many other images in this series. The aging paper label on the back of this one reads: Orbis-Zentralamerika: P-12 C-1921 Nicaragua.

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It appears to be German and perhaps related (maybe an earlier edition)to the following work (although notice that Nicaragua is not included in this particular work).

256 ROTOGRAVURE PLATES - Orbis Terrarum: Südamerika (= South America / West Indies / America Central). Introduction by Karl von Schumacher. Berlin, Atlantis, 1931; 24,0 x 31,0 cm. 256 B/W photographs on rotogravure plates; pp. 48 text. Illustrated original cloth with (used) pictorial DUST WRAPPER with (slight used) board SLIP CASE. - Well worth seeing photographs in high quality rotogravure. - Images: West Indies, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaika, Haiti, Antilles, Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Brasilien, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentinia, Chile, Tierre del Fuego. - Photographs a.o. by Hugo Brehme, Fr. Ahlfeld, Martin Gusinde, E.O. Hoppé, W. Kissenbert, Th. Koch-Grünberg, Hans Meissner, A. Schalek, R. N. Wegner. - Except dj excellent copy. - Captures in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

I did not try to do an exhaustive search. This came from the first page of results. I entered "Orbis-Zentralamerika" in a search engine using only "Seiten aus Deutschland" (Pages from Germany).

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Could be...

It could be that, or a project connected to that. In size, the images don't match up to 24x31, and the originals are sepia, not b&w, and of another year - likely. Also, these images appear to have multilingual captions, which the prints I saw lack. But, another printing (B&W), another format, and 10 years later could still explain it. It is weird that Nicaragua is absent, given that every other C.A. country is specifically named. Most of the images I posted are not obviously "Nicaraguan" - and could just as well come from other locales, but they are labeled Nicaragua. The Leon one and one from greater Managua are obvious, but the others much less so.

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It's early here! Only 5:30. I first read the title as "Managua Lake Donuts." That's what you'lll probably find floating in that sewer today though!

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