The Reactions Are The Best Part

The Reactions Are The Best Part

On my walk to the post office, this guy was walking down the main street. I opted for the back view as I felt the front view might offend.

In any case, it was 8AM. Lots of stores opening, lots of people. When I first moved to Latin America I expected what you could call a Puritan reaction to such things. Well, no such thing. I would say no reaction from 75% and the other 25% just looked amused.

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didya ask what people thought? i am interested to know to what extent apathy might have entered into your nonscientific poll? i suspect there really is something to the silent majority.

I support Obama's special olympics bowling team, I just don't support his archie bunker like statements!


This is not uncommon. Jimmy Loco (his photo is out here somewhere) is more common not dressed around town but this guy is another well-known—I just have seen him with clothes before.

I heard a couple of women comment to each other along the lines of "the crazy guy doesn't have pants today" and they were both laughing. Nicaragua is not a place of a silent majority—if something is an issue for people then it gets dealt with.

So, maybe apathy is the correct word but not apathy in the sense that people don't have/don't express opinions. Just naked crazy people walking around town are not a priority or even a concern.

On social issues, you see the same with non-popular religions, gays and such. That is, being different is ok—very different from most places I lived in the U.S. with Seattle being the exception. I, and I think many others, associate what is called "a Catholic country" with required conformity with what that learned were Catholic norms. You just don't see that here.

I think

Jimmy loco is now diseased,that's what I heard last month.