The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Is that Daniel with the "happy" face in the background? Looking for more money to stuff his Swiss account with.

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He has "That look"

The same look they both him and his wife had looking at the US marine addressing both of them in Puerto Cabezas with relief supplies. I posted the pic here somewhere. oh here it is:

Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Company Ltd Texaco El Cortijo 1/2 C al Sur Casa 300 Res. El Cortijo, Managua, Nicaragua C.A.. e-mail Skype, YahooPager & MSN User name: JGiraldezB Managua Office: 011 505 2682874

pedo list

Keep your young ones away from "danielito" hes a known pedophile,this guy i.q is 0.

Looks good

For once, the US president seems to fit well into the color scheme of all the others. Sorta makes me feel like the US is now part of "The Americas".

A great steward....

of the Socialist agenda. As you say, he will fit right in!

Interesting where this goes next

I voted for him, and this is is an example of what I hoped for. I believe for a lot people who did not vote him, this is what they feared. I like what he is saying, and even better, it matches what he said during the campaign. It is like we are betting on a big sporting event, everyone wants their team to win and it is like the beginning of an exciting game. Just a little more at stake. I can't get too excited because after all, he is a politician.

"if you see someone who has lost their smile, give them one of yours"

Dennis Yes this is what

Dennis Yes this is what some people feared. And with good cause, he is the deciple of William Ayers. It's too bad our educational system has been infiltrated over generations. Carl Roe made a comment the other night that our system of government is in danger of collapse in a generation. He was wrong it has already happened over the last four generations. To bad. Fist the children, then the media, now they are in government. Textbook. Too bad Americans were too easy to be manipulated.

Did everyone in the crowd....

check to see if their wallet was still in their pants?