Shipping container homes

We are creating a surf resort on our 2 acres of land - 5 minutes outside of San Juan Del Sur.

Now we are thinking of hiring a local contractor (if you know of any, send us an email at -,

or building the resort out of shipping containers. Does anyone know where I can buy (10) 40 ft high used shipping containers for $1000 a piece and (10) 20 ft containers for $500 a piece?

Anyone have experience with building with shipping containers in Nicaragua?

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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your input...

Yes, we are not just making a surf resort, but an extreme sports resort...surfing is just a small part of it. We know better than to just make a surf resort.

Surf Resort

yes you do..... like Wind boarding and Ultralight flying Go one more, Make a school, you will get the local population intrested in it and it looks so nice on the bay , all those colorful sails in the water, no waves needed....

Easy start up business, ..................for anyone (HINT)

Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Company Ltd Texaco El Cortijo 1/2 C al Sur Casa 300 Res. El Cortijo, Managua, Nicaragua C.A.. e-mail Skype, YahooPager & MSN User name: JGiraldezB Managua Office: 011 505 825-8505

Another Surf Resort ??????????

Don't mean to rain on your parade, but So. Nica really doesn't need another 'surf resort' !!

My 2 cents

Container resort

Have a look here?

We tried this in Puerto Cabezas about 8 or more years ago as living spaces and retail stores, but the problem was cooling them naturally. Not good, metal structures and radiant heat from the sun..not a good combination BUT... With induced cooling they are great! Semi placed underground would work (I think) as the levels of cooling under the surface vary in temps.

Pretty cool looking too....reminds me of the Teletubbies semi underground dome homes.

Buying containers

A good idea would be to contact the shipping companies direct. (Maersk, Mediteranian, CMA an Evergreen some of the major ones). Several years ago they increased the size of the containers by 8" in height and length.(The maximum height and length allowed for surface transport) The older containers are being phased out and they are dumping them at alot less than a grand. If you buy from the middleman in the ports you are going to pay up. Another thing you may consider is buying containers that are no longer "ocean certified" and in need of repair. I imagine you're gonna be cuttiing them up and modifying them anyway and the fact that you can't use them for "shipping" shouldn't matter. You might want to find some bulletin boards concerning shipping. Specifically to Nicalandia. When someone ships a container here they most often "lease" the container from the shipper and it's part of the shipping fee. If these people bought one of the old containers and knew they had a buyer at this end and could save the leasing fee you may get some takers. Just a thought.

Pura Nica, Bobby

Thought about this myself once

I believe you can buy them at the port of Corinto. Look forward to hearing more as your project develops.