Bats In My Roof

Does anyone know and recommend method in how to eliminate in a humanitarian way in getting rid of bats that nest in the typical oval Spanish roof tiles? The house across the street is inundated with them, and I need to find a way to get rid of them before my house and roof ends up the same way? MikeG

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getting rid of rats

i hear there is a electronic device that puts out a high pitch sound is to keep the rodants just plug it in.

that works!

i lived somewhere once that i don't even think tacomasteve would stay (i think it was tacomasteve that wrote i won't move down to nica.) i plugged in 5 of those things and didn't have the same problems my neighbors had. i had the brand called verminator. the bad part is when you lose the power....

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Moth Balls

I'm guessing there's some type of "attic" space between the tiles and your ceiling. Moth balls work great. Scatter them around in the attic. It will take a bit of time but the bats will find another home. Several years ago I threw a baby boa up on the roof of my house to save him from a BBQ. Back then I had bats, rats, pigeons and doves living in the roof and eves of the house. No more birds and the bats and rats are mostly gone. Occasionaly I hear a scuffle through the ceiling at night an assume it's the boa twisting his dinner. I've seen him twice in the last two years. He come's out onto the roof and sun's himself. He was about a foot long when I threw him up there. Last time I saw him he must have been three feet long.

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I have same problem in my

I have same problem in my Mother's house in Leon. The bats are harmless and benefitials to the environment themselves, but yes, their droppings (normally a hell of a fertilizer in nature), accumulating in the ceiling presents a health harzard to humans, and destroys the ceiling. Unfortunately, most houses in Nicaragua are not sealed as in the US. I tried repellent as used in the US with not luck. Tried to seal with mesh as much of the house as I could, but to no avail. Would be interested in knowing how the CD works for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bats hanging from rafters were common in Nicaragua even 50 years ago, but not having any ceilings and floor being swept everyday, problem did not exist, or was not noticed.


Just out of curiosity, why do you want to get rid of them? Are they harming the tile, or are their feces getting into the house? Most to all of the kind of bats that live in roofs are insectivorous, and they do a great job of keeping down insect "pests" such as mosquitoes. When I lived on the Rio San Juan we had bats living in our roof and I never noticed any negative effects - no feces in the rooms (at least, none I could distinguish from the ubiquitous gecko poo), and the tiles (wood shingles, actually) did not appear to be damaged in any way by the bats' presence.

Also, how do the lights work? The bats are out foraging at night and roost in the roof to sleep during the day, when it's light anyway, so I don't understand how the lights would deter them?


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Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. These type of bats are causing a serious health problem which concerns me, greatly. The house across the street, now vacant, has bat guano all throughout the house which has accumulated so much that the weight of it has seeped into the dry wall and has contaminated the top of the refrigerator, stove and inside. One would have to wear a heavy duty breathalator or hazmat suit to clean it up. The neighbors down the street has had bats for over a year, and they are now entering the dry wall. This is a real problem

I realize they are a great benefit to the envirorment but when a potential health hazard begins to show up, a homeowner needs to find constructive and humane ways to protect their property,investment and more importantly, one's health. MikeG

Light or Cd's

You can install a light in the area and keep it on at night. The other option is to hang used CD's around the area. Apparently the reflection from the CD's scares them away. I used the CD option and I was able to get rid of them. Or as a last resort do what an old farmer in Rivas used to do in the old days. He had a live Boa living on the rafters of his farm and he had no bats nor rats.

Lights definitely work. My

Lights definitely work. My brother-in-law has a large, open ended sitting room, and he siply hangs a small light at each opening. The problem is that I don't know how you would apply that to roof tiles. Perhaps a small light in the rafters would be enough (I'm assuming that's the area they occupy).

Bats In My Roof

Thanks for the advise. I will try it out. Do you use the CD's in conjunction with the lights or just the CD's by themselves without the lights? MikeG


they sell metal inserts to plug up the ends of the tiles where they exit the roof. Here you see a lot of houses [buttered up[ with mortar. I don{t have bats yet, but i{m doing it because of blowing rain during storms.

Good luck, I spent about 10 years trying to block out feral cats on top of my mobile in Bullhead City, AZ. I eventually won, but it was a lot of plywood, harware cloth, and effort. Next the pigeons came. They were easier, just handware cloth. I loved my daughters comments about the [winged rats[

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another tip

Get friendly with rat poison. You can buy it in the supers or ag stores. I mix it with a little bit of oats or tortilla scraps in a used tuna can. Put it in your attics and sheds, but be careful of the placement so you don´t kill dogs.

The stategy is to keep the poison there at all times to kill the rats before they get big or breed. Defineately get it in place at the beginning of the rainy season because the rats will start coming in to get out of the rain.

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