Port Asese

Port Asese

if it weren't for the chihules (SP?) this place would be ideal

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Chayules (I think)

Chayules (I think)


but what are chihules (sp?) but the place looks really beautiful

much love


are annoying little flying gnat like insects that travel in groups of thousands. They seem to like humidity and by the lake there are swarming clouds of these non biting but still unpleasant critters...


is still a big plus.

If they are anything like

If they are anything like the gnats we get here, again, by water, humid weather and trees, permethrin heater works.

Chayules is the Nicaraguan word.

Chayules is the Nicaraguan (not Spanish) word. They're fun when you ride a bycicle through a swarm and you happen to be breathing in through your mouth at the time.


the correct word is Sayules, chayules are called way up in the boondocks.

boondocks reporting in...

yup, that's what we call 'em, chayules,

spelling is always optional in the 'boondocks'... :)

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate

sayules o chayules

Either way, it's not a Spanish word. The Spaniards only attempted to pronounce and spell many words. Por eso Nicaragua se escribe Nicaragua.

Los sayules o chayules. No chupan, no pican... http://www.simas.org.ni/revistaenlace/articulo/1146

They're fun when you ride a bycicle

a tasty mouthful of protein indeed...I rode down to the lakefront yesterday in the still of the late afternoon thinking I could take a picture of the Chayules in their cloud formation....The photo just looks dusty and I am still picking the critters out of my hair


The best part is when you actually inhale those suckers by accident. Kinda like a cat with a fur ball.