Nicaragua North border under siege.

  Nicaragua  North border under siege.

Traveling to the North of Nicaragua , i confirm that roads block have been place in diiferents points, the first is 15 Km north of Esteli, here is a combination of National Police and Army Soldiers , ahead in the surrounding of Yalaguina you can see a groups of Ortega's thugs , one is near to Yalaguina and the other is in the junction of Ocotal y Somoto , in the bridge before you enter Ocotal , is a big group of the same people,in this kind of groups is notorius the absence of autorithy , or maybe aren't visible.

In Ocotal city the ambient is heavy, everybody look suspicius, some people told me they worried, they don,t know what expect, the sales has drop, some followers of Ortega's are excited because they think , will be a conflict with honduras , but the faces of some of the Zelaya followers don't look too happy , is almost the prelude of some tragedy scene in a movie.