Anti coups Popular Front terrorizing kids

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Unfortunately, most Honduran newspaper stories lack permanent links and the "Ediciones Anteriores" calendars usually do not work. But, this story can be found via a search on the original title, "Bloque Popular Causa Terror a Alumnos de VA" (or search the school, "Christiana Visa Abundanate" & "golpista" on El Heraldo). The actual story is a little odd, even by Honduran standards - especially the changing of the license plate to the mark of the beast, "666". Signs of wealth are often a target, especially the last 2 weeks. The same for the Church, though that is harder to explain even though the Archbishop has defended the ouster of Zelaya and publicly encouraged him not to return. But, many local priests are giving a different account, a deviation that usually doesn't happen. Here is an expensive private bus for a religious school, but even so an unusual target for graffiti. Stranger still, given that the organization is always sponsoring potable water, latrine, agriculture, medicine, dentistry, and small business consulting projects for the poor (I don't know that much about them, but there work is no secret). For some reason, the photo seen here was not taken near the school or the attack site, and is about 6 blocks from my apartment, just up the hill from the police station circa Barrio Delores.

Expensive Bus.

"Here is an expensive private bus for a religious school, but even so an unusual target for graffiti"

You say to jose721 that was first time to someone called you socialist....

But from all the frases and explanation you had the chance to use to try to cover or diminishes the violence of the zelayistas that are creating chaos in Honduras , you choose that; a very usual expresion based in the envy or deformation to clasiffied people in reference to their possessions or status.

That was a bus conducted by the own principal of the school, wasn't any rich school , that nor thus the crime is justifiable.

In Esteli the center for kids with dishablilities LOS PIPITOS have a bus maybe must luxurious.

BTW Ortega have 3 SUV Mercedes Benz G500 that cost to the people of Nicaragua HALF MILLION OF DOLLARS , plus a caravan of other cars, and his new toy a RUSSIAN HELICOPTER THAT COST BETWEEM 3 AND 5 MILLION DOLLARS.

Facts are a problem?

Perhaps there is a language barrier. But, sometimes facts are just facts - and without them there isn't any reason to post on a website of any kind, regardless of one's beliefs. It is a fact that the bus is expensive; it is a fact that expensive items and buildings are current targets for graffiti in the capital; it is a fact that it is a private school bus; it is a fact that the private school is religious; and it is a fact that children's schools or related property are not usual sites for graffiti in Honduras. These are all facts, easily confirmed by anyone interested in investing the time to do so (if you are interested in a very large wager -of an amount that would clearly prove envy didn't drive my reply- and can prove that any one of these facts are false, then let me know as I couldn't possibly be more interested in that possibility; and, BTW, one cannot defame someone with a fact). There is no cipher, no mystery, no secret agenda, etc. These facts are not open to interpretation. In other words, were someone to maintain that the bus is not expensive, then that person would either be ignorant or lying, etc. These facts are not the result of, nor the basis of, a political theory. Nothing said diminishes the violence nor justifies it (if you think that post was a justification, then you must not know what a moral argument looks like or have never before seen/read one). I have been to the school in question and have neighbors who sends their kids there; these, too, are facts. The school has a record of work with the poor, as I noted, which makes the protester's target (given that they claim some sort of special representation of the poor) even more bizarre, as I tried to imply. The driver of the bus that day is the least significant fact of the whole event, it is a rich school, it isn't justifiable, and it has nothing to do with Mercedes Benz's, Ortega, or the rest. If one cannot tell the difference between a justification and an explanation, then there isn't much hope per any debate (and, the kids that attend the school in question study that exact difference, fact and value is key).


To me is not necesety to look after many facts, only a violent crowd with nonrespect for life, can attempt or terrorize kids, the bus is a collateral effect of the rampage of the Zelayistas in that reproachable and condemnable barbarism.

We ready experiment in Nicaragua this hatred cult , the left in the course to the power,it instills the beliefs that every sign of whealty is noxious , and this isn't cover by the media, because is a propaganda trying to portrayed the opposite, for making a idea how stupid is this idea, that after we defeat somoza, i was working for a Intelligence Departemt, and my own coworkers never can handling that i was from a middle class , if this people can't understand or deal with this bullshit, what can you expect from a wild crowd.

That are facts.

and the N>Y> Times is terroizing the truth

Micheletti tells Mack there’s no deal

WASHINGTON – Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14), the Ranking Republican of the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, tonight stated strongly that the report in today’s New York Times is utterly untrue, and is deeply concerned that the Obama Administration appears to be siding with Hugo Chavez against the people of Honduras.

Today’s New York Times asserted that Honduran President Roberto Micheletti is working on a deal to bring former President Manuel Zelaya back to power.

Mack said:

“I spoke to President Micheletti today by telephone. The New York Times story is utterly untrue and there is no deal to bring Manuel Zelaya back to power. The people of Honduras do not want and will not accept Zelaya’s return.

“Zelaya was removed from the presidency through a legal process established by the Honduran Constitution. He was voted out of office by the Honduran National Congress. The Honduran Supreme Court ordered Zelaya’s arrest. This was not a coup. This is a matter of Honduran law and sovereignty.

“The ones supporting the ousted President include Hugo Chavez and other leftist dictators in Latin America.

“The Obama Administration’s position is appalling. They are siding with the forces of evil against the forces of freedom. They are involving themselves in the internal politics of a sovereign nation. It is wrong and must be stopped.

“Furthermore, I am outraged that the Obama Administration pulled the visas of Honduran officials who didn’t agree with the Administration’s policies, and threatened to pull more. They are retaliating against Honduran judges and Members of Congress for taking positions against Hugo Chavez and other leftists in Latin America.

“Manuel Zelaya broke the law. The New York Times story is inaccurate and fabricated.”


Wow! When the New York Times publishes fabricates information, who can you believe? Something interesting is that Ginger Thompson is the same author who was involved in the other false report I wrote about in "Massaging the facts" two days ago. Could it be that this reporter has an agenda, which doesn't necessary include reporting the facts or does she just have a problem understanding Spanish? ... Blog contents copyright © 2006-2009 La Gringa. All rights reserved. ...

quoted from today's la gringas blogicito

¨Pata de Perro¨

I think Ginger Thompson's

I think Ginger Thompson's story in NYT is probably true. She has a reliable track record. She is writing that her sources of information were several officials in the de facto government and diplomats from the region, who understandably requested anonymity because of the delicacy of the negotiations.

    It makes sense that FL Rebublican Connie Mack is shouting that this is utterly untrue and making a statement that Obama is siding with Chavez. It also makes sense that Micheletti denies the story, when asked by Mack. Micheletti would be very stupid if he confirmed it.

      Look at it from Micheletti's point of view. After 33 days it looks pretty bad for him and Honduras. Venezualan, American and European aid will or are being suspended. Teachers are still on strike. Honduras is suspended from OAS. The Honduran army signaled that something needs to be done. Ortega is now looking for an excuse for a military intervention and accusing Michelletti of trying to provoke a border military incident. Exports are getting paralyzed. Demonstrations are getting more violent. No country in the world recognizes Honduras' government. No new loans are being given to Honduras. The country's economy is slowing down. Unemployment will grow. Micheletti's PR machine is still not working and will never be. Micheletti's only option is just to sit things out til November. That is four months to go. I am sure violence will only increase during those 4 months, making it harder and harder for Micheletti to survive. So he might be realizing by now that the best thing is to give in and ask Zelaya to do all the ribbon cutting ceremonies til November. Micheletti only needs time to convince everybody that this is the best option.

      I love this

      “Zelaya was removed from the presidency through a legal process established by the Honduran Constitution. He was voted out of office by the Honduran National Congress. The Honduran Supreme Court ordered Zelaya’s arrest. This was not a coup. This is a matter of Honduran law and sovereignty.

      “The ones supporting the ousted President include Hugo Chavez and other leftist dictators in Latin America.

      This seems to be the old "keep saying it and people start to believe it" approach to politics.

      1. One piece was true (almost). Zelaya was charged with offenses and an arrest warrant was created. For the police. In the mean time, Zelaya was kidnapped by the Honduran military—an act that they have since admitted was illegal.
      2. I agree that Chávez seems to be supporting Zelaya. I don't agree that Chávez is a "leftist dictator" unless that is the new way of saying "democratically elected president" in Congressional double-speak. Maybe we should look up what he had to say about the 2002 coup against Chavez. :-)

        I could go on but there is a lot more interesting stuff in the world than Florida Congresscritters trying to change reality.

      bill orielly

      on fox news would say if it is in the new york times it got to be true..there fair and balanced

      other charges

      What about all the breakings law the goverment still finding??

      Conspiracy theories?

      Come on FYL , is pleny info in Zelayas breaking the law , and the only that FF.AA acept breaking the law , was to sending him in exile.

      So every body is screraming against the powers who tooke him out of office.

      So... some body explain to me, what importance have the congress, te supreme court and the Electoral Court , in all this situation, can some foreign powers , to ignore them?

      And for somebody to this time ignoring the position of Zelaya , is baseless , the only explanation is been a follower of him or been a leftist.

      People violate laws

      Lots of world leaders have "violated the law". It seems that George H.W. Bush did. What happened: Yesterday, Cele Castillo, an American patriot just went to federal prison. Why? Apparently because he felt protecting the U.S. Constitution was his duty.

      It appears that Zelaya broke some laws. On 26 June an arrest warrant was issued. No one showed up to act on that warrant—that is, take Zelaya in for questioning. As I said before, in Honduras you are innocent until proven guilty. The judiciary is not the Congress.

      Now, as for Zelaya's political position, I don't care. That is a totally different issue. It is pretty obvious that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, ... violated laws. The military didn't come in, kidnap them and send them to another country. So far, they haven't even been charged with any crimes. But it seems like it is getting close.

      Will they get kidnapped by the military? I think not. They might end up in court defending themselves. Well, that is the way it is supposed to work.

      This has been discussed

      This has been discussed before several times. You can't compare today's 220 years old US' democracy with the Honduran democracy which is just over 26 years old. The US constitution has been amended many times. The Hondurans found out the hard way they lacked a proper impeachment procedure and they probably acted to the best of their legal ability in this situation. You say the Honduran judiciary is not the Congress and I agree. But according to Honduran constitution, the National Congress has the power to impeach the president and remove him from office, so the judiciary is not even needed, though the Supreme Court went along. Anyway Zelaya can still get his trial if he wants to, only he still refuses. We'll probably never know if he was given the choice on June 28th to stand trial or leave the country. I think the Hondurans would have acted quite differently if they didn't had to fear all kinds of foreign interference.

      US and LA have the same Laws

      Really you think that must countries in LA, including the worses like Nicaragua, Mexico, Hoduras and Venezuela had the same rule of law that US?? If some day you have a legal problem , i will like to know what will be your opinion after the nightmare you will have.

      No, I don't

      In the U.S., it is a lot more expensive to be "innocent" than in most Latin American countries. And, in Costa Rica, you are guilty until proven innocent.

      Ask Cele Castillo what he thinks about the rule of law in the U.S. if you happen to be a whistle-blower that fingers George H.W. Bush.


      Is pleny info about the corruption of the justice in Nicaragua, and the countries in LA under authoritarian dictadors or populist leaders , and some that is a cultural slow.

      In Nicaragua where you're living , is a extensive proofs, if you don't had read them , isn't my fault, TONI or DICK or HANNA isn't credible sources because they are allies of the regime.

      You know why the waiver of the US, was on hold??

      Don't bring Castillo case , that his presence in court is for reasonable acts agains the law he commited,

      Now you want to think that this whistleblower during the Iran-Contra investigation , many years later is been punishing trough a legal offense he commited??

      So tell me , is ilegal ?? Is something wrong doing??

      Been a whistleblower give to you immunity for the rest of your life??

      Come on still using NARCOHESPHERE for your conspirations info .

      And for your questions about been a whistleblower not for BUSH (because in US isn't a dictadorship) but for his administrations , folowing the facts, that mean :

      if in the future or any time I would commit any offense or felony , i can claim political revenge and try to avoid the law.

      I will ask a questions,and would like that you were reciprocal.

      What happen to the Radio journalist CARLOS GUADAMUZ who was some like of Ortega whistleblower????

      He had the chance to defend in a court??

      The handling of Arnoldo Aleman case has been a rule of laws or simply one more of the corruptions of my country Justice System ??