Map of wind power potential areas/ Mapa de potencial de energia eolica en Nicaragua

Map of wind power potential areas/ Mapa de potencial de energia eolica en Nicaragua

Esteli looks like it has some potential wind power!

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interesting news

This a priest that was looking for bring the eolic energy to nicaragua

. INE cancel license to AMAYO II, but in the other side aprove a license for ALBANISA.


En Esteli the last mayor announce that Esteli will build a eolic proyect.


Yes , Esteli has it, a US men already make the research, all moropotente has more than 100 megawatts capacity.

This men meake a claim that somebody was stealing his work, i will look for the info, but is something comon in our country, like what has been happening to many investor in the energy area.

Re: Moropotente

There's another post about this: On there I had mentioned something related to what yo said.

According to this link ( Esteli's outgoing mayor (Pedro Pablo Calderón) was approached by Unión FENOSA y la Comisión Nacional de Energía (National Energy Commission of Nicaragua) with a proposal to build a wind energy park in Miraflor-Moropotente. From what I see on the above map though, it looks like its south of the protected area. There was also a project wind energy project in Esteli that was supposed to be financed by the EU that you metioned. I hope the project is underway. Haven't read anything about it since 2007!

En el 2006, la Empresa Unión FENOSA y la Comisión Nacional de Energía contacto al alcalde Ing. Pedro Pablo Calderón de la ciudad de Estelí, para presentarle un proyecto a confinarse en el Paisaje Terrestre Protegido de Miraflor-Moropotente consistiendo en la Construcción de un Parque Eólico en el área protegida sin ninguna evaluación de impacto ambiental. El alcalde mostró interés por el proyecto y comento que lo estudiaría, ya que el emplazamiento del proyecto de aerogeneradores se vio en función de una alternativa económica para la región y el país. (

What are the map axes labels?

At first, I thought lattitude (and longitude) but they are not. If it made sense, I could figure out exactly where I am. I am guessing around the bottom of the P in Achuapa. If you look at the weather data here ( this week for example) you see a lot of ups and downs.

Average (as in mean) wind speed here is not really high (maybe 10 mph) but you get a fair share of close to zero and a fair share of 20 or more. That has a lot more potential useful energy that a steady 10 mph wind.

The grid used on the map

The grid used on the map really looks like 100 Kilometer squares, with the numbers marking off 100,000 meters. But it really makes little sense, as the starting point seems to be someplace chosen arbitrarily.


That probably was used to determine the km2 of the areas that have potential. There is another chart from the document that shows that by municipality. For example, Esteli municipality is shown to have 17 km2, San Nicolas 24km2, etc.

Link to PDF document that may be useful.

How it was

I don't know, that's what the map was just like.


Hi, is there anyone who knows how is it going with this wind farm project in Esteli? I have searched on internet but I didn't find anything relevant. Thanks