Zen Stones

Zen Stones

Laundry stations in Lake Cocibolca, Merida.

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That's so cool

I am ready to go there, sit and stare—for an hour, a day, ...


maybe wash some clothes while you're there?


Naw, that's women's work. :-)


You dirty the clothes, you wash them ;)

Actually, my (all too machista) Nica ex did the wash, at least at first, because I didn't know how to - he had to teach me. Same for my assistant's Nicaraguan ex - he even insisted on doing all her laundry for her. So, it's not just women's work anymore (thank God - that's hard work!).


Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans

come on

Come on FYL , i know your aren't machista.

But in the case, i think when we become olds , event we don't have the real guts to be machistas, so if our Young spouses say : to wash!! what you can do it ??