US Embassy under attack

US Embassy under attack

This was today Oct 29 2009

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they'll regret it!!

Its the beginning of the end of Ortega's reign. I believe deep in his soul he knows that this is a grave mistake. "los magistrados" also know that their lives and their family's lives are at grave danger. All their kids go to zona hippos and hipa hipa to show off their cars and clothes tapping away at their i phones but that is pretty much over. Some crazy dude is going to make an example out of one their family members. I mean they're asking for violence and in Nicaragua is all that we know.


Deep in their souls they know, with who by sure they can foolish around with out fear .

You think some day somebody will treat Russia embassy or Iran Embassy or Cuba embassy, or France or other one?

US is the punching bag of the lost souls.

i love the

brainiac that's tied a plastic bag over his head!?

Visa a..head

He is baghead not a blockhead !!!..the cameras of the embassy will recognized him, and denied his visa.

i figured

the bandannas & face masks were so that your mom or grand Ma didn't recognize you behaving so badly on tv