Bicycle water pump

Bicycle water pump

1/2 hour of pumping a day.

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nica agua

i've been researching options for water pumps and came across some possibilities.

This video link is about alternative water pumps that continue to be modified and uses different sources of energy:

The peson who posted that video gave me the following contact information for people working on these installations in nica: AMEC (Aerobombas de MECate), and they are situated in Managua. Address: de la rotonda Santo Domingo, 200 metros al Sur.) Luis Román o por Fabricio Martínez. Los teléfonos son el 08823675, el 2483888 y el 2706935 I haven't contacted them, yet.

The following links are about some interesting alternative pumps:

Good quality and versatility with this pump. It can be adapted to a wide range of power sources, solar, wind, generator, battery, etc and at varying powr levels, "30-300DC or 90-240 AC. So it will run off of a 110v generator, or 220v generator, batteries, or any power source 30-300DC or 90-240 AC" which sounds good. The only drawback is that i don't think it can be used as a human powered hand pump. -->

an alternative hand pump that can be adapted with a 1/5HP motor that can run off of a variety of energy sources (wind, solar, baterry, generator, etc) as well. Uses a "A 12VDC or 24 VDC power source". This one does not handle as much pressure as the pump above but it also seems like a high quality pump. It's supposed to be capable of pumping up to 300 feet or close to 100 meters. -->

I like the idea of having a bicycle powered pump but its uses can be restricted too. Either way I would like to understand how to make them and maybe adapt a few other elements to diversify its abilities.

The specific problem i am trying to solve is how to pump water uphill. The property is in a very hilly part (about 100 meter tall, foothills). We want to be able to pump water from the small river (creek) at the bottom of the hill and fill large containers at the top of the hill and then water trees and foodcrops with the force of gravity. I am looking at alternatives and actually would like to depend on as many alternatives as possible. Traditional windmills can be another option...

Also, you can create pretty inexpensive water pumps with a few basic materials. I will be attemting this too. Although it is not capable of containing the pressure load of pumping too far uphill it does offer an inexpensive way to move water in smaller quantities or shorter heights. Although, some claim it can tolerate a heavy load as well, depending on quality. This is a vey informative viedo perfect within Nicaraguan means.

I would appreciate any ideas or knowledge about pumping water uphill. Distance is not as much an issue as the elevation, which is considerable (about 100 meters)

paz, tierra, y vida

I like...

the wall too.

-Doug ©

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Well details

How deep is the well? Is it a rope pump or some other technology (and why)?

Thanks for sharing!

it's a cistern

The pump draws from a cistern fed by city water (The city water only comes twice a week). It is not a rope pump, but an internal impeller pump purchased in the US and connected in line with the water tubing. Our house is off grid and electricity comes from 6 solar panels, so we use the bike pump to save electricity. Thanks for the questions! -l

That's pretty neat...

I like the roof over it too. How about some information on the pump and mechanical connections ?

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate

that looks like a great idea

is this idea something imported from China ?

Gets you how much water


2-3.5 gallons per minute

I got the idea from this web site:

the difference between the one above and mine is that I used a belt connected to the wheel to drive the pump. 5 pieces of angle irons bolted together make the support for the pump and rear of the bike.

You can fill a tank that is 4 meters up on the tower at a rate of 2-3.5 gallons per minute. It works out to a nice 1/2 hour a day for a household of 2 people. It's really fun and good exercise!

If anyone is really interested I can provide more info via PM :)

Great idea! Do you collect

Great idea! Do you collect also water when it rains?

Working on it..

I have a second bicycle, pump, and tank for the rainwater. I will start building the pila to collect the rainwater soon. I am also considering a windmill pump for that, since all this pumping may be too much biking! Cheers!