Alexis Arguello, died fighting

Alexis Arguello, died fighting

This photo published today by La Prensa show a clearly injury in the face of Alexis Arguello. One severe wound in his nose and and other cut in his inferior lip.

This open a new and different version , that is more close to the declarations of his sons and some friends that point out to dispute with the party government over his role in the Managua Mayor Office.

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AFP reports on the March.

Among the demonstrators were former president Arnoldo Aleman and former world boxing champion Alexis Arguello. Wow I guess AFP didn't get the news on on the Champ. I played Blackjack with Alexis a few years ago at a Casino in Managua, he was a stand up guy. AFP

At least they didn't quote him



I used to work as a photographer, including crimes which initially always includes suicides. I have relatives who are doctors in Honduras, who also routinely prepare the bodies of poor people for funeral - so cosmetics to a face to hide injury or damage is work they must do. In both settings facial injuries of all sorts are not uncommon, especially in cases of suicide. There are at least three types for suicide, really: pre-suicide (before killing themselves people often punch holes in walls, smash possessions, pull on their hair, scratch things, bang their head or face on a table or against something, etc.), "during" suicide (people's heads go back or forward and they bight their tongue or lip - depending on how they killed themselves and how quickly they died), post-suicide (falling to the floor, land atop an object, something is knocked from a wall and falls on them, etc.). Viewed in isolation, in can look as though someone else did something to them - which is why such cases usually start out as a possible murder investigation - if handled properly. Police and/or family, perhaps especially in Latin America, can "adjust" scenes, but not necessarily because they are concealing a murder, actually quite the opposite. The most common concern is a Catholic burial, and in many locales this is not possible if a death is ruled a suicide. Police, at least in Honduras, will sometimes turn a blind eye to a family making what seems a suicide look more like a gun cleaning accident (or whatever tool was used), as well as a reporter's account on the scene. Suicides are grossly under reported in many Latin countries.

Now, none if this proves anything per Arguello. But, facial marks or injuries, while powerful images, are just as often mere footnotes in a real case proving murder (everything else they have could be more significant). You are quite right: people almost never kill themselves in the fashion he was found. But, the flip side of this is that if you are going to murder someone famous and connected and stage it a suicide, why pick something people so rarely ever do? Also, if he was murdered and if powers-that-be are involved, then investigators can no longer assume every crime scene photo is a piece of the puzzle - because there is the possibility that every photo shows what the killers wanted you to see, or that the scene was altered before being photographed, so the puzzle might not lead to the truth anyway. Since Arguello had talked of and had attempted suicide earlier in life, it is that much easier for people to accept that explanation - regardless of whether or not it is true. His family has their work cut out for them, especially if they are fighting a stereotype along with a government interested in a different outcome. I didn't mean to imply there was no foul play, only that the images most people are likely to focus on, his face, aren't really evidence of foul play.


Foul play could be involved, but there could still be any number of possible explanations for the "wounds". It is not uncommon for a gunshot victim to bite their lip, especially a suicide that did not involve a gunshot to the head. The nose injury could hardly be considered "serious", and few things considered "fighting" lead to such a precise indentation with no surrounding or related damage. It is not easy to fight (hit) someone and injur only their inner lip and nose bridge. There could be more to the story but the photo alone isn't really evidence of conspiracy or murder.

Other possibility

While the article "explains" that the impact of the shot would cause his body to be thrown back, that seems to ignore the kick from the weapon. Assuming he was holding the gun, there should be at least an equal force pulling him forward. I saw at least because, as the bullet exited his body, not all the impact would be moving him backwards.

In what position his body was found would clearly offer more information there. In addition, if the nose injury occurred before the shot, you would expect to see blood around the wound.

There are certainly questions but there is certainly nothing conclusive here. Photos of the crime scene, before anything was touched, would offer a lot more insight.

coroner talk

In this note the coroner give explanations about his first declarations.

Also is another pictures, one show a armed men watching out the autopsy.

Not true

The weapon recoils mostly up...not back.This is a pistol. not a rifle. Also held in hands in a position to shoot yourself would dampen the back recoil even further because of bent arms, and other things. Plus the blast force from a close up shot coupled with the push of the bullets going through his body means he went back, no way he could go forward or just crumple. If he shot himself he will go backwards. No doubt about it. Those are the laws of physics,.And they were not made in he USA, so even you cannot dispute them.ZZT

is many wounds

if you read the whole article, is more than one photo.

Is one of the hands where is clear signs of fight . Also is the coroner notes of the wounds in the body, that are more than one.

All this come to establish a contradictions, with the official declarations that Alexis corpse didn't have any wounds .

Plus all the declarations from relatives and close friends about the decision of Alexis to quit from the Mayor office and his problems with the performance of his post and the public info about the move of the party-government to put aside him in the main decision and responsibilities of the Managua major office, is other piece in this puzzle, that i think ; now is almost complete.

Hands too

Photos I saw also show what are usually deemed to be defensive wounds to both hands. BTW it is really easy in a struggle to incur injuries like he has on the face...not only a "Punch"...a glancing blow, a forearm, etc. I am not sure where you get the info that it is not uncommon for people to bite their lip as they commit suicide. Shooting yourself several times in the heart is really in almost unheard of. ZZT

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Let's see what spin they come up with for this one. Alexis Arguello didn't stand a chance getting involved in the dirty world of Politics. Truly Sad.

A Great Boxer

A truly great boxer, not without his own demons, rags to riches has ruined many a good soul - he was human after all. Too human for the ultimate fight he signed up for. The promoters of his last fight made Don King look like an amateur. Sad to see those pictures in the press but if it helps the cause then I can accept the need. All he really wanted to do was be involved in a National sports program and promote Nicaraguan athletes, giving them some hope and a chance to "make it" like he did. But that wouldn't have got the Managua vote close enough to work with would it?

other photos

Another photo showed drips of blood on his socks and blood was found in his nose in a condition that indicated it was there before he was shot, indicating he had a nose bleed before he was shot. And the coroner is now changing her story of what she initially found.

Not related but odd: one of the news stories by foreign press was stating all yesterday that he was present at the anti-Sandinista protest/rally. I guess, like Elvis and Michael Jackson, he will never really die.