Where to Buy Biolandia in Managua?

I'm living in Jinotega and will be making a trip to Managua next week in search of some items I can't find here.

Does anyone know where in Managua I can purchase Biolandia products, or other similar products that are environmental and health friendly?

I am looking for both personal care products (shampoo, soap etc.) as well as cleaning products for the house (laundry soap, dishsoap etc.).

If you can include the name of the store where I can buy them and any directions (to give to the taxi driver) that would be great.


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They don't have everything but do have quite a few products. I can't describe where they are in decent terms but can always find them. For example, they don't hvve Bioland brown rice but they have their own. They are not far from MinGOB, Plaza Inter, and such.

Note that some of the "Macrobiotic" stores in Estelí have some Bioland products. I would expect the same in Matagalpa.