"new" Ometepe road

"new" Ometepe road

I uploaded this photo because there were no photos of the new roads on Ometepe. This is from October 2007.

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Lovely Island

I went to Ometepe last December and the road is really nice, everybody can go from Moyogalpa to Altagracia without any problem and in the way go to several nice places like El ojo de agua, some hotels, etc. That was my first time in Ometepe and this is a lovely place, I saw several foreign people enjoying the peace full Ometepe; the weather is really nice I highly recommended to rest.-

Great cycling

Villa Paraiso rented bicycles. The road was great for cycling with little traffic.

adoquinando two peaks

hopefully they will be "adoquin", like the one above. it's more adequate in terms of material and maintenance. - ometepe is a gateway to the underworld, where time and space have no boundaries.


pictures to follow?

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