Do any products work on the cockroaches?

After the unpleasant, but not particularly surprising, discovery that our nice, freshly painted rental house has cockroaches, we're wondering if anyone has found any products for

1. killing cockroaches you see. Raid spray, maybe? 2. preventing cockroaches in your cabinets.

There are many options at the local grocery stores, but before dropping a ton of money we'd like to know if there are any products in particular that people have had success with.

Thanks, Drea

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Products to kill Cockroachs

FYI Is right Boric Acid is the safest and sure way to kill cockroachs. The crystels are sharp and stick between the insects exoskeleton abrading the cuticle and causing dehydratin and death. Store bought products use a nerve toxin.

more amusing

Good for under the counter, ... Two dishes: one with a 50-50 mix of cement and whole wheat flour. The other with water.

That sounds tasty...

I'll heat up the frying pan!


BAYGON or as our friend calls it "Chernobyl in a can".


I have used Bay Leaves and it seemed to work. Just place several leaves in effected area's. Goodluck.

I finally gave in an fumigated the house

I fumigated the house, and all hell broke loose. I had to spend the night in a hotel! The next day I saw some incredible looking things on the floor. It really is interesting to see the species of insects here. Anyways about ants, I gave up on them, not even fumigation gets rid of them. So now I have some Water filled painted cans under the legs of closets etc... Something like a moat so that they cannot get into things. For Roaches, the main source is usually the holding tank. So now I throw Diablo Rojo into it once every 2 weeks or so. That does a good job.

Fumigating ants


have you tried works. If you are interested i can tell you where to buy it in Granada...costs C$60...the little f--kers drink the stuff and don't come back...until 15 days later...another C$60...but at least you keep them away...yowsa...the ants in Granada are real biters.

The water in Granada

The Water in Granada has so much chlorine I could swear they are trying to make everyone look like a gringo.

holding tanks are only for...

doing dishes and wash.....cerveza anyone?