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Based on the amount of interest generated in this topic, I have started this thread.

Please let's keep this strictly focused on the subjects mentioned in the title. I warranted we can star sub threads.

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Business Idea?

Sorry but I think I am a chronic capitalist pig. While Managua probably has what is needed, my feeling is that most areas do not. A business that put the pieces together just makes sense. Let me use Estelí as an example.

In Estelí, there are police, "rent-a-guard" companies, places to buy guns, neighborhood watch people, and such. But, to the best of my knowledge, there is no turn-key service that will listen to your requirements, design and install a system that includes options of SMS to your phone, to the police, or to a private security dispatch, ... And, if there is, they clearly don't have a marketing department.

I don't see this as a big investment issue. It is mostly just getting all the pieces organized.

Community System/Amateur TV

If you have cameras and DVR system already setup, you can connect one of the DVR'S A/V output to an ATV (Amateur TV) input and broadcast your A/V signal on UHF Cable frequencies, the A/V transmitted signal, will be received by either TV Cable channel 58, 59 or 60.

The range and direction of the transmission will depend on the antenna you're using, the weather and local topography.

I have experimented with an omni-directional antenna, i made of an "N" type connector and about 2 meters of 12Ga. solid bare cooper wire, my range was about 2Km radius. A better antenna will have more range or you can build a yagi antenna and be more directional over a longer distance.

Possibilities, you can have your signal monitored by the local PD and/or by your neighbors, just by tunning the TV onto the assigned UHF frequency or if you have a finca, you can possibly connect la finca with the home residence or PD, via ATV.

Equipment needed: MFJ-8708 4-Ch. Audio/Video ATV Tansmitter. I Paid abou $110.00 USD, 3 years ago.

Antenna parts: Assortment of UHF connectors and 12 Ga. solid cooper wire, you may need cooper tubing if you are going to built a yagi antenna.



"you can have your signal monitored by the local PD and/or by your neighbors"

They're the ones you need to worry about, especially the former.


The easiest way to keep the system private is to inform its existence to only people you can trust.

The system is operated within the Cable range of the TV system, anyone with a cable connected to the TV, will not see the signal, you have to have an aerial UHF antenna connected to the TV set, to pickup the ATV signal.

There are a set of N/O and N/C relays on the back of the DVR. The ATV system could be connected to one of these relays so the system would turn on/off by events triggered by the designated camera(s).

Keeping the system private: Turn the ATV on/off, via CTCSS (continous Tone Coded Squelch) also known as PL (Private Line) from a remote location.

You can also use a repeater with PL and non standard offset frequency, this way, you can increase the range as well as the security. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.

Most (if not all) modern, base and hand-held ham radios, are equipped with CTCSS capability and they can also operate as repeaters.

Note; Equipment I'm describing, is only sold (in USA) to licensed Ham radio Operators.


I was at a construction fair

I was at a construction fair a few months back at one of the malls here in Managua. At this fair 2 companies (forget the names) presented their security systems available. The systems were monitored by these companies here in Managua, any breakins and the companies security teams would respond, however there were catches to this:

If you were outside of Managua the best they would do is call the police in your area and have them come out!

If you were in Managua they would show up to your door, wait for police to make entry into the house, otherwise they would respond at the street/entry area with force if need be. No entry into the house without police.

The systems were fairly similar, they would set you up with free installation of X number of devices in your windows and doors. Some plans included cameras, some motion detectors. Price ran about the same $20-$30 dollars per month.

systems were connected through conventional phone lines. There were lots of rules, such as you have so much time to call and let them know it was a false alarm or you would be charged extra.

Servipro http://www.servipros

In SJdS we have a couple of guys offering security systems

Security Solutions -

And Tech Nica (also Lee but Greenberg at:

You're Being Robbed!

says the email you just got on your BlackBerry (Do BlackBerrys receive emails in Nicaragua?)|79&N=4001355&Mo=287&No=1&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=79&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&Sp=C

According to the blackberry

According to the blackberry support forums, Claro supports them, but I would appreciate confirmation from someone in Nicaragua.

Had Excellent Luck

with my BlackBerry on my last trip. It was really nice to receive emails without effort. Just like cell phone, service is not everywhere, but I would get the "dink, dink, dink " of arriving emails as a signal became available, often in the strangest places. I could scan the emails and answer what was important. Even if I'd lost the signal, the device would transmit the reply at the next signal availability.

I used the phone service only a few times because of the high cost. And that was to say, "I'll call you back when I have a better signal . ." When I got to a convenient place I used a combination of my laptop, a Magic Jack, and a lightweight telephone (handset only) that I brought down. The telephone handset plugged directly into the Magic Jack and weighed less than a pound. Worked great.

I know

someone who uses hers regularly down here. No details.ZZT

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When You Say Display . . . . Submitted by KeyWestPirate on Sat, 2010/03/06 - 16:19.

do you just want to be able to view the cams on a remote workstation? Nicaragua when you are in California and vice versa? Or do you want to make them available on the internet, like an internet web cam. Do you want to be able to log on anywhere in the world and see what is going on in your house??

Do you have cable internet service in the US or DSL? I telnet and ftp into a couple of servers from anywhere I happen to be. I use Remote Administrator to get onto my Win 7 workstation. I have a DSL line with a fixed IP address. Cable ISP's commonly block FTP and telnet ports to control user bandwidth. DSL providers change IP addresses like underwear. Which router are you using?

We should probably start another thread for this. It's probably of some interest to others from a security standpoint, part of the security solution. If potential intruders knew that you could capture their faces and actions, they might go down the street.