Rooms for long term rent in very nice home...

Rooms for long term rent in very nice home...

My wife and I have been staying at this house here in Esteli for three months this 2009-2010 winter. We have enjoyed a very large bedroom with bathroom (agua caliente), desk and large wall to wall enclosed storage closets as well as full use of the large kitchen, living room withTV (full cable), garden patios for relaxing, and wireless connection for your laptop.

The house is very large with three other bedrooms and bathrooms that are often not rented out, so it is very quiet here. The owners have their own apartment and sitting area separate from the rest, speak English, and are very helpful. We have cooked some fine meals with the stove, microwave, and fridge. We will be back next year and highly recommend it to quiet folks who just wish to settle in for a long stay, with a 2 week minimum. It is centrally located in a safe residential area.

Esteli is a small city with a nice feeling about it. It is relatively inexpensive here and there are many nice day trips to take by bus or taxi. One may also overnight in Miraflor, or La Garnacha in a private cabina which is within shouting distance of Cool Top. Figuring U$250 per month for rent, and double that for pocket money… and you have all your food, fun, and extra outings paid for about U$700 per month total. Earn yourself extra brownie points by bringing down a few English novels to leave behind, and maybe a nominal donation which will be applied in a place here where you can directly see what it is doing.

Your choice. I'm just putting it out there because it worked for me…... Contact:

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Thanks for Posting About Lazyluna! Very Helpful.

Thanks for this post. I'm planning a month's visit to Nica soon and it is very helpful to know details about places such as this, especially with the nice picture!

Perfect example

This is a perfect example of a positive, helpful posting! Not that the playful bantering back and forth on this site isn't mildly amusing at times, I just feel a post like this helps people that may be interested in visiting, semi-retiring, etc.... in Nicaragua. I would love to see more posts along these lines! I'm sure there are plenty of these 'options' available, specifically in Granada, and SJDS, where people maybe looking specifically for these accomodations. No offence to realtors in the area, but $ 250 a month is a far cry better then the $ 800-1000 most property management/ realtors are renting for! I know when I stayed in Granada for a few months, there where places available for $ 150 - $ 250..... If you knew the right people, or knew who to ask, but if you walked into property management companies, they where much higher, but readily available.

Looks so fine...

Thanks. I especially appreciate the photo. I don't know if I'll ever make it, or if I really want to, but it's about 15 months until I can anyway. I'll keep this in mind for the next contra-tourism season, in 2011. (I like doing things backwards by nature, and will have to, by economics.)

I Stayed There

and was pleased. Fast cable internet allowed me to call back to the US with a clear connection, and get a lot of work done. Private bath and communal kitchen, handy for breakfast and coffee. Room was big with lots of closet space. I was able to park my car inside a gated space, front of house has a high fence and locking gate. I walked around the neighborhood at night with no issue.

Landlady was a good source of information. Location is excellent, a few blocks from central Estelí. I think I was there for about 6 weeks that time.