Strange Sunrise

Strange Sunrise

We see a lot of sunset photos but this was a photo I took at dawn. The gray mass in the middle are clouds that seem to be limited in altitude (by an inversion) but moving rapidly to the south (left to right in the photo). A few minutes later, the sun popped over the clouds.

Note that I wasn't even outside. I took the photo from my livingroom window.

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Were you awake? :-)

I have to laugh at this, not because of the photo but because I have been helping fyl by organizing the Photo section here. In trying to get rid of the too full Unknown and Indifferent galleries, I put the unidentified scenery into Generic Scenery. So I'm thinking either fyl can operate a camera before he's awake OR I need to rename this gallery OR I should label it for people who take pictures when lost!


You win. I was awake when I took it but not when I posted it. But, remember, I warned you that you would have trouble with "us users".