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Where to buy Motos in Managua?

Anyone with the knowlege of motorcycle dealers of good size or good prices in Managua I would like to know about. I would like to know about a Genesis dealer and also some china built name brand stores as well. I will be going back in about a week with a freind who wnats to buy one too, to see about buying an inexpensive scooter of some sort for use in SJDS. Any leads with directions would be a great help. Thanks

All of the things you are looking for

Can be found in Rivas. There are several dealers. Why not support the local economy?

Managua Earthquake of '72

I found this article on the '72 Earthquake, Its a fairly good read. THE GREAT MANAGUA EARTHQUAKE

"Hotel Las Mercedes".

The Hotel Best Western "Las Mercedes" is located directly across from the airport. This hotel is the only place to consider when arriving on the night flights into Managua. The "Las Mercedes" hotel van should be waiting on the curb for you at the airport. No reservations are needed because they have about 300 rooms or 3000 or something like that number. I could not find an email address; but, if I can find one -- I will post. Everybody at the "front desk" speaks a form of English.

The room should cost cost U$50 to U$60/night and you should get an included grand buffet breakfast for the next morning which is about a U$10 value. The hotel has a great swimming pool and fantastically beautiful gardens and a good restaurant for you that night and you can eat outside in the open air by the pool. The menu is in Spanish & English (not American).

Do not let them give you an adjoining room with a door to another room. Sometimes, that is a big noise problem with music or whatever.

The hotel is very safe and secure and I have stayed in "Hotel Las Mercedes" at various times over the last fifteen years. ____________________________________________________________________