I created a Monster

I created a Monster

This is Margarita's bedroom door. This is the first time in her life she has had a bedroom door. When she is in Estelí, not here at CoolTop, the house has two curtains for the toilet and the shower but no doors. I explained to her that here this is hers and people should not enter without her permission.

Here you see the result.

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I just want to say there is no problem here. It's pretty clear that Margarita likes the idea that something in the world is hers and I see it as a step in the direction of responsibility. For example, she has learned that if she eats in her room she can expect ants to want to share the room with her.

While she has real parents and most of the time lives with her grandmother (because she goes to school in Estelí), Ana and I are the ones who take responsibility for her.

She is just like any other young lady

She likes her privacy and since doors are a novelty for her, she is enjoying this to the fullest.

Good for Ana and you!

I bet you are having a ball with the fresh perspective she brings to the household.


When i read the title of your blog...i thought you was talking about "The Prince of Bel Air" that has taken the whole site.

But when i read your post...i must agree with you...yure created a little monster..not because is something wrong with that attitude, but clear American ways, don't walk too much here. must in reference to parents control.

So i wondering how she will behave in her house and how their parents or tutor will handle her new way.

Just Yesterday i was arguing with one of my sister, because she was checking her daughter (that just started the university) cell phone, but her answers was plain and directly; " in the mean time she is under my tutorial and still leaving in my House or i supported her...i can do this"....and that is the thesis of must LA parents....

So i hope Margarita can convince to her parents that her new way...( Fyl lecture) is a step into a new relationship between them.

PS:Prince of Bel Air is a funny sitcom...Will Smith is unique.

She's just being an "LA Woman"

Or a 'Wild Child'.

I am sure she's not an 'Unhappy Girl'

All 'Doors' songs of course. What can I say, bought the boxed set of CD's for $10 at a garage sale about ten years ago.

People are strange

So Break on through to the other side.

Crystal Ship

of FOOLS!!!