The Med!

The Med!

This is close to where i lived there.... This is actually the Police association Club.

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port of


You got it!

Yes, this is my original home town. I lived there from 1974 to 1985. Still call it home though. You surprise me!


Alexandria had the worlds largest depository of written works at one time. It was the worlds largest port and was destroyed. Scrolls hand written at that time-not like modern books. Homer had a 2 volume set of the history of the world referred to in other texts that is now extinct. I am sure you know that he was one of the greatest writers in human history. This city had the library of congress times 10. Largest light house and huge port entrance. If I could go back to one city in antiquity, not Greece, or Rome, but Alexandria.

Granada Sherif with one 'f' -I get it. You stay in Granada-maybe I look you up when I return in a month or so.

Please do....

everyone is always welcome. send an email, i will send you my phone numbers, including my Vonage US number. The new library they built a few years ago looks like a slice of cucumber.

I watch

The discovery channel a lot man :-)