Paper Pulp Mixer at Project Las Mujeres Ambientalistas in Estelí

Paper Pulp Mixer at Project Las Mujeres Ambientalistas in Estelí

Our pulp mixer broke again and again and again. I finally found a machine shop, out of antiquity, that pulled a rusty steel bar off an unrecognizable derelict machine that almost fit to make a new drive shaft with on their lathe. The place looked like Red Foxes' junk yard and the first guy that worked on it for the better part of 2 afternoons really messed the original shaft up beyond repair. Three other guys took over and sent him packing. I just couldn't watch anymore and when I realized that I was part of the problem I went for a long prayer walk along the Estelí River. When I returned I only needed to tell them exactly where I wanted the drive pulley mounted. They did a great job, it works better than before and the women are happily back in production once again.

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nice job!!

but if I am not mistaken the receptacle(the stainless steel container) it's a raw milk container.

Yeah, it's High Grade Stanless Steel

It's had over a decade of continuous, punishing use. I was told that the machine was built in another department, which I don't know. The original price was around USD$2,700. Kenny