How will 'Survivor Nicaragua' affect the country's image?

It's good for Nicaragua.
57% (32 votes)
It's bad for Nicaragua.
5% (3 votes)
There will be positive and negative aspects.
20% (11 votes)
No difference.
18% (10 votes)
Total votes: 56

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It's not PBS or National Geographic

Survivor has never claimed to be educational or informative. It is the original "Reality Show". From the TV advertising and rights selling game point of view it is a huge success, spawning hundreds of other so called reality shows around the world. 22 seasons of the show is impressive from a pure marketing point of view.

How they pick and then obtain permission to film in the next location is quite clever, the "host" country practically begs them to 'pick me', even though some must have watched the show and realized that it does not exactly tour the country every week showing the sights. Never the less, the government departments of tourism and trade push like crazy to have them. Survivor then gets the pick of a country, a very useful "press pass" so to speak and sets up camp. It was a bit like having the President here every day for 6 months (if you have ever witnessed his team set up for a two hour speech, it is a sight to behold).

Having said all that, can it harm to have even a glimpse of Nicaragua in headlines every week on US TV? of course not.

Will droves of visitors come to NIC because of the show?, maybe not directly but it has to be having an effect on the Google search engines and the like. La Flor (wildlife area) must be getting hits with one of the teams being named after them.

On the other hand, all it may do is balance out (if that) the press Nicaragua is going to get over the next year leading up to the election.

So who has actually seen the show now?

So who has actually seen the show now? I'm going to make a point of watching it at least once.

the show.....

i have seen the show a few times and you really see nothing or hear nothing of the country. you really don't even know that they are a few miles away from San Juan del Sur. I have a place in SJDS and have been down there 6 times in the last year. I have met many of the workers and a lot of my local Nica friends work for the show building stuff. The production teams have totally taken over Pelican Eyes and Villas de Palermo (good for them). I just got back from San Juan a week ago and things are slowly coming to an end.

It may have a short term impact on people's interest in the country, maybe will even spurn some increased travel, but i doubt it will increase the overall investment in the country. The infrastructure of Nica is still lacking enough to deter people from coming forever.

who has actually seen the show now?

I've seen it twice, but had never watched it before. Do you think Survivor will show any more of Nicaragua?

From what I understand, the

From what I understand, the show was limited to areas around SJDS. Aside from that, THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT NICARAGUA! Therefore, it is not likely they will show anything worth while.

Very few

of th shows are about the country they are in...mostly contrived games and personality conflicts. In a real survivor situation (as in man/woman vs. the elements or a disatster, few of them would make it.ZZT

Not going to watch any more episodes

I found the head games stupid and agree with ATZ that few of the participants would make it in a real survivor situation. I've stopped watching the show since the head games are boring and Survivor won't be showing any more of Nicaragua.

Maybe the real Survivors are the viewers who survive watching all the episodes.

I agree but...

I want to prove this to myself by actually watching it...... have you?

Dave: Do you advertise in Honduras and El Salvador?

You may have to re-think the comment "North Americans and Europeans (who spend 90% of the tourists dollars)"

Honduras is the number 2 foreign tourist after the US.

Don't forget the Spanish speaking dollars...61% of ALL tourists come from Central America.

You are only a hop skip and a jump from a big potential market, ES and Honduras - nearly 32% of ALL tourists.

Where they came from 2009:

US 22%

Honduras 18.9%

El Salvador 13%

The whole of Europe 7.5 %

I just searched for you on the web, as a tourist would, not using the link in your post. I see you don't have any Spanish options on your web site. You may want to review that.

"Survivor" coming to Nicaragua, why? What's in Nicaragua?

How will "Survivor" help/hurt Nicaragua?

I read all the comments and someone said the gringo's get all the money and it goes outside the country.

"And the establishments that most successfully draw in rich tourists are themselves owned & run by foreigners because they best understand foreign likes & dislikes, speak their language, know where to advertize, &c. They're for-profit businesses, and most of the windfall leaves the poor country."

I don't know about "corporate" ownership, but here in the north in Las Penitas-Leon, there ARE foreign owned establishments, and ALL mom and pop types, individuals with a dream. If there weren't for foreign owners there wouldn't be a Las Penitas for tourists to visit and stay. Of the establishments on the water, either beach or bay, there is only one Nica owned and 7 international owners (one American(Playa Roca), 2 Canadian, 2 French, one German and one Swiss).

We, Playa Roca, personally have spent nearly 1/2 million dollars here building and re-building (hurricane Alma wipped us out in May 2008). Except for one U.K. contractor, who hired Nicas, 100% of labor, materials and supplies came from locals, either Las Penitas or Leon. I know that everyone that took the entrepreneur/risk brought their "nest eggs" from either North America or Europe, I know we did. All employees are Nicas. If their weren't for the foreigners, there would be a lot of unemployed locals. Las Penitas isn't a money making endeavor/destination, there is NO WINDFALL, YET, this is not SJDS or Granada, but word is spreading and hopefully "Survivor" will help, but IF and WHEN a WINDFALL occurs, it will go back into the business for building the Playa Roca Learning and Language Centers properly, etc., but definitely all dollars stay HERE!

"Survivors" will help Nicararagua, but per usual will help SJDS and the Granada regions more, as almost all propaganda from nearly ALL governmental sponsored tourist advertising forcus on these two spots, Ometepe, or Corn Islands nearly exclusively. Northern Nicaragua gets the crumbs left over, mostly word of mouth from the more traveled tourist, NGO's, and web site searches. Did you notice in Intur/ProNicaragua web site the had listed under "Nicaragua's Playa's" San Juan del Sur, Ometepe and Corn Island only. Playa's of Nicaragua includes SJDS, obviously, but 2 sparsely populated Islands! Not a mention of the "zillion" miles of unspoiled beaches in the North, Cero! Southern bias FOR, and Northern bias NIL. Curious to eliminate the most diverse region of all Nicaragua.

So any exposure via "Survivor" is a major bonus for Nicaragua as a whole, especially the "image" that has for decades been either non-existent or very negative (war, guerrillas behind every tree, communists, poverty, etc.). Every single tourist that flies into Managua impacts the economy as much or more than anything else in the entire country. Airport fee's, terminal personnel, taxi's, car rentals, restaurants, buses, hotels/hostels, gift shops, etc. But also the tourist infrastructure that occurs,; the beer companies drivers, the restaurants supplies, the fisherman, hardware stores, etc. Lots of JOBS and millions of dollars a day that come from OUTSIDE and are spent here and circulates HERE.

We have 11 employee's and there are 100 on a waiting list to WORK. If advertised "workers wanted" we could have a 1000+. Because of what we have to offer to the tourist, we have tripled in the last 3 years even during the recession. BUT from losing a lot of money to coming close to even is just the risk of trying to live a dream of living in a beach paradise and sharing in a location no one really knows about. The coffee and cigar plantations are north, the waterfalls and highland lakes are north, skiing down volcanoes are north, incredible beach front locations are just minutes from the major colonial/historical capital city of Leon. World class surfing, un-fished (commercial and Charter) Pacific Ocean, Isla de San Juan National Wildlife Preserve walking distance from Las Penitas

All of Nicaragua could use ANY boost to bring awareness of where it is, what it has to offer. It seems like the present government is "half-assed" attempting to help the tourist industry with minor promotions and retiree plans. If they wouldn't give nearly 100% negative political view points (we don't need the U.S. or E.U.'s aide money tied to transparent electrions, etc.) that turn off the North Americans and Europeans (who spend 90% of the tourists dollars) Nicaragua could see a real middle class develop and be sustained.

david cardin on facebook Learn Spanish "ON THE BEACH!" $45 Ocean Front Suite to a $6 ocean dorm Nicaragua is the "Survivors" choice of destinations and we need more survivors interested in experiencing paradise for dimes on the dollar. Save more money on vacation than staying at home!

Advertising like above is what I use to try to reach the international traveler, it works to an extent that they surf the internet tagging Nicaragua or Beaches or Learning Spanish or Pacific Ocean Surfing. "Survivor" IS a reality, millions upon millions of people will be exposed to the beauty and nature of Nicaragua and can't help but have a positive impact. We (Playa Roca and Northern Nicaragua) will get the "trickle down" exposure from the series, but ANYTHING will be a BIG help to put Nicaragua "ON THE POSITIVE MAP" and Nicaraguans to WORK, no just "free" hand-out money. They need our help to climb out of their political and economic mess, and being "good" role models and supporting their communities will only bolster their rise to self determinism as a nation OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE, and not of, by and for the government(dictatoship) or corporations(ALBA INC).

To address drugs and prostitution is rather ridiculous. If a druggie wants drugs or sex, any major tourist area will have those unique industries in place. Just like any convention will have their pick pocketers, it's THEIR industries "work place". SJDS or Las Penitas is/cannot not be immunized from these activities and are naive to believe otherwise.

David "NO BASURA" Cardin de la Playa Roca

Tourism is the second largest industry in the nation

This is according to Wikipedia which has a Tourism in Nicaragua page and incidentally it mentions attractions all over the country. It's just ready for all those Survivor fans.

P.S. Nice to hear from your part of the country.

Hey Dave

Please post all your advertising on the NicaPlaza webpages. This board is just for discussion not hyping business ventures. Or you might talk to Phil on advertising in one of the side panels. Thanks.

This board is just for discussion not hyping business ventures BlackEagle, I believe I set up a discussion topic. I did get in a little "glurb" about Playa Roca, but used it as an example of the ONLY advertising Northern Nicaragua basically gets, not like the Intur/ProNicaragua advertising almost exclusively to the southern regions. I'm sorry that the ONLY thing you saw and the other NL commentor was "hyping business ventures". If you notice the comments that were made were in reference to the basic topic I brought up, "Will 'Survivor' help or hurt Nicaragua"?, accept for yours.

Maybe I could just put some reference links at the end and not in the "meat" of the text, would that be OK? I'm not selling washing machines, but a "chunk" of Nicaragua that NEEDS exposure. I am in the business of "Bringing in the Tourists" from around the world, may it be Playa Roca, great, but ALL my articles are in relation to Education, Politics and the Economy, but most importantly the plight of northern Nicaragua, the "bad step-child" of Nicaragua.

I will contact Phil and see if I can afford a nice little "paid" spot in the corner of some page.

As I point out in most of my messages IS that the most diverse region in ALL of Nicaragua is ignored. Therefore NO-ONE points their points of interest compass NORTH, they follow the path finder of "advertising and PROMOTION" and that ignores the rest of the country. Show me volcanoes you hike up and ski down? Waterfalls and rainforests, highland lakes, coffee and cigar plantations, miles of unspoiled beaches with world class surfing? This piece and others are about Tourism and Nica Living in NIcaragua. As the one commenter said, "nice to hear something from this part of the country". Very few people have tried to "settle" the northern area, why? I missed a plane 51/2 years ago, stuck at "Rancho Santana" while the sells person kept showing me properties. Back then there wasn't another plane out we could get on for 3 more days. So my wife and I re-rented our car and I said to her "why don't we go north and find out what everyone said, 'there was nothing up north'". Why did they say that? I found out fast once I got here. They knew NOTHING about the north, never been there, only a small percentage had even been to Leon, and zero knew about the coast.

That says it all, still NO-ONE knows northern Nicaragua and ALL it has to offer. Playa Roca just happens to be the best spot on the coast, but there are many other parts of the region that are incredible. The mountains and deep valleys, the waterfalls near Esteli, WOW, move over Hawaii. We are in such a "pioneering" stage that we have pulled off a number of "FIRSTS" in the history of northern Nicaragua, which blows my mind. Until only 3 years ago, Las Penitas did not have ONE cell phone that worked here. There are no land lines and cell phones only worked in a 10 mile radius from Leon, and we are 15 miles away. Can you believe in these days and times, NO phone access? We had a road to Las Penitas that needed a "HUMMER" to make it without blowing a tire and shaking off a piece of car. Taxi's wouldn't come at night for fear of either not getting here or not getting back. For me imagining from a major city like LEON and only being 20 minutes away, no-one really knew about one of the greatest beaches I've ever been at (between my brother and I, we lived in Hawaii for 37 years and born and raised in So. Cal.). Through a lot of red tape and ignorance of the beach facilities and the actual beach itself, I had the surfing attire giant Quick Silver come to Playa Roca and with their amazement of what we had to offer, surf and facilities, decided that they would help sponsor the FIRST ever International Surf competition in Northern Nicaragua's history. We held it here and the competitors came from everywhere and were surprised to see such a surf spot that was unknown to them. Again to my amazement, I had a tower built for Internet, again the 1st ever on the coast for a way to communicate without having to drive into Leon. Oh boy, are we a long way from being San Juan del Sur in just basic amenities, but we don't want to be San Juan del Sur, but amenities that the common traveler wants, yes. This year, the 1st ever Sports Bar on the coast. Super Bowl, World Cup, NBA finals, etc. If you are like me and all the people that showed up for those events here, how could we be the first? Nobody knows, knows how, or cares, that's why? Tourists and sports are addictions for some people, and in the hospitality business or tourism in general you need to give them what they want if you can. Seems like everything we do is a first, this is the wild west of yesteryear and I intend to change that. From only backpackers who want $1 rooms and steal spoons and toilet paper to full moon parties with Led Zeplin and Manu filling the air around a bon fire. Air conditioning was unheard of here, where do you get enough electricity to run those things when the power is off half the time anyway. It took TWO years (yes, we prepaid!) to get Union Fenosa to get us the 220W we needed and paid for and through some political maneuvering we actually finally got it. Now when we plug in an extra blender it doesn't blow a fuse. We are getting people brave enough to come up to "no-where-ville" and witness first hand the beauty and diversity we have to offer that is not available in the southern regions. Unique setting only steps to the ocean, minutes to the volcanoes, surf in 20 seconds from your room, no taxi or automobile needed, etc. We are starting the first "shuttle" service to Las Penitas this week. The last bus leaves Playa Roca now at 6:40 PM and that is a NO-NO to miss one of our sunsets. To get to the bus terminal from the middle of town is so difficult (walking a mile with luggage or packs in a strange city) so the beach communities are kind of dangling on bad/no promotion and ease of getting here. Most guests in town when asked if they are going to go to the beach respond "what beach?", and you know darn well the inn keepers in Leon are not going to volunteer information to have them leave with their money to somewhere else. You are in Leon, and they want you to stay. Understandable, but...

So this week we are going to shock the "shit" out to all the hotels and hostels, a big sign and bus will be erected and placed as a terminal IN down town, right next to Big Foot and Via Via (the most popular non traditional HOTEL accommodations in Leon). I am for the first time challenging the tourist for a choice they never had before; Beach or City? It will change the tourist activities in Leon quite a bit, and some establishments are not going to be happy with it, it is taking away their dominance and trapping of guests in Leon only. I mean, how many churches can you see in two or three days? Leon is a great city but you see travelers sitting on a curb or against the wall, bored stiff, seen everything that is there, now they either sit or drink or look at their outdated Lonely Planet Guide Book and plan their next trek. Alternatives? The Grand Pacific Ocean, 20 minutes for a buck, POW! It's not in the guide? Nope. (Lonely Planet's representative/reviewer made an appointment 2 years ago November 2007 and never showed, but there is a B&B in their book that has been closed for 2 years)

I care about the people coming to Nicaragua, I care about what they do, what they see, about the perceptions of the people, places and things. Hanging out in downtown Leon is not what I consider the best past time after you've seen the many great sites of the city. How do you get awareness heightened? In any endeavor is allowing people to choose from all alternatives available. Forms or government or places to go, same thing. give the PEOPLE ALL the alternatives and let them decide. The southern regions have a "monopoly" on the where, what and when of the normal tourist. Granada, Ometepe and San Juan del Sur, right? In Leon they have Leon and volcano tours, no mention of beaches within minutes, amazing but true, go to a volcano with us and come back TO us. Go to the beach and you might not return, or if you do you might be just coming to get your "stuff".

I am trying to break up the "monopolies" of the what, where and when of what are the tourists alternatives, and one is to educate and change the way "monopolies" dominate the promotional propaganda. I love Nicaragua, I am struggling to accomplish the establishment of the Playa Roca Learning and Language Center(Hurricane Alma May 29, 2008 did a "Katrina" on Playa Roca and Las Penitas, nearly 100% destroyed) "Mr. NO BASURA" is a nickname I enjoy having. NO BASURA at Playa Roca echo's in all the locals and guests brains. I have coined a phrase of "If it doesn't burn, they throw it" and it makes me sick to see how the culture allows this garbage throwing as an alright thing. In our restaurant if I catch someone throwing a cigarette butt on the floor, the cenicero (ashtray) will be politely moved IN FRONT of the abuser and stated 'POLITELY", NO BASURA, por favor. Bingo, changed a behavior at least for THAT day. We have the cleanest property, the beach is clean here and people are looking at me and then looking for a trash can. They love it, laugh and bring me trash and flopsom from the beach with a smile on their face. People are proud and rather have it clean, don't you? The other hotel close to us after they close has to RAKE their floors with debris that people throw all day long. I can see the tourist being asked to have a table and walking over butts, napkins, straws, and other litter and sitting down at the table for a nice meal. Off the track a little, but the Learning Center is about the kids of Playa Roca. They bring basura to Playa Roca in exchange they get tutored in English and Math, Math and English, English and Math and then geography, to show them where they are in the big and getting smaller world of ours. Education and basura, a slow start to change their lives forever. Tourism industry needs bi-lingual Nica's and someone who can count at least! Not a bad exchange to live and do what I do in my little piece of paradise (that no-one knows about), and get THEM to clean up THEIR own community.

It will change when the word gets out and eliminate the southern bias of what Nicaragua has to offer. It will change in Leon shortly when alternatives for the tourist are not "hidden". Allowing/forcing competition is going to create a little ruckus, ruffle a few feathers. So promotion within the framework of writing articles about this or that is how I try to get people to think about alternatives, and this region has me basically the "Commander Cody" of trying to change this whole beach community. Everyone else just loses money and hoping people will come through osmosis or spontaneous generation. We are "rookies" trying to play against the big leaguers in exposing an exciting alternative to what the normal tourist feels as having the full gamit of choices for their trip to Nicaragua. We are just a micro-cosum of the struggles of getting people to venture north and the ones that come north coming east to the beach and a wildlife reserve, fishing, surfing, beach combing, volcanic rock formations creating spectacular sunset wave explosions, etc.

Sorry to get so long winded, sort to speak, but I do have a passion to share what IS here that the tourist guides and the governmental sponsored tourist agencies of Intur/ ProNicaragua ignore almost completely. As I have shared before, but is worth repeating, is that in the fancy magazine published for the unknowing potential tourist says under the heading of "Nicaragua's Playa's" were listed only three; San Juan del Sur, Ometepe and the Corn Islands! Say, WHAT? What about that, 2 islands and SJDS only, as the beaches of Nicaragua. Nothing, cero, nada on the northern coast, and I am offended. A whole major REGION of the country with 1/2 the nations pacific coast ignored and have two sparsely populated islands be the "playas" of Nicaragua? These are political issues, but it affects the whole of Nicaragua. I use Playa Roca is the anchor point or spear head to break the noose that is around northern Nicaragua's neck, and especially the beaches that are historically a tourist favorite, that keeps it from growing and prospering at least proportionately as other areas with tourist potential. It's like having the U.S. Chamber of Commerce promoting Florida and ignoring California! One commenter responded to an earlier article I wrote, maybe not NL, if I wanted the hassles of over crowding and the commercialization of Las Penitas like San Juan del Sur enjoys/loathes? My response is that it probably will become more commercialized and "touristie". It is inevitable that such a great beach area so close to a major city could stay a sleepy little fishing community forever, but proper expansion and education and it's existing residential lots would prohibit the formation of such a conglomeration and density that San Juan del Sur exhibits. All I am saying is that Las Penitas specifically and northern Nicaragua in general is a destination that is being withheld from local and national exposure by lack of promotion and in the articles I write are attempting to chip at this misrepresentation and Playa Roca Beach Hotel is just a symbol of the lack there of. There may be what you may call "spam" or self advertising involved, I don't deny putting in our links, but the word has to get out about "Spanish on the Beach", why not, it is a major attraction for foreigners wanting to learn a language, why not at the beach? All the poles I've taken said they would IF they knew where. BINGO, and what am I supposed to do, say I'm anonymous writer bringing up this great idea. check your yellow pages or contact Intur/ProNicaragua? Even if THEY found someone, it wouldn't be in northern Nicaragua, and surely not in Las Penitas and therefore NOT Playa Roca where it DOES exist. Yeah, my name is David, and I have to fight the Goliath's of a nation of economic nepotism, keeping the dollars funneled into their direction. We will come out of the pioneering period slowly or faster than slow. It is up to PEOPLE to make it happen that care about the nation as a whole instead of the desires of the few. I'm just throwing my hat into the ring, showing that "waiting" for anything to happen is like waiting for paint to dry. I'm not trying to sell ice to Eskimo's, just a jewel of the Pacific that is needed and wanted by tourists. It will have to wait to be enjoyed until it is exposed over and over again, as I AM the mass media or voice of the Beach people. Employment and a better way of life for the people in northern Nicaragua is only the opening of the door of opportunity, the product of natural beauty is already here, it just needs someone to see it and it's story will then be told. Playa Roca is not a Place, it's a Destination! OK, I'm done, time to get to work. David "NO BASURA:" Cardin de la Playa Roca, Las Penitas-Leon, Northern Nicaragua, Nicaragua

Daves New Plan - "Press Gang the Tourists"

You said you posted a discussion topic. Yes it is, and could have been a good one but I'm not sensing you want to discuss anything.

Your fight with Leon is like SJdS asking tourists why they visit Granada? Apples and Oranges man. Art/Culture (lets stick to good reasons for this discussion) versus beach/surf/tourist action.

I thought the first rule of sales was promote whats good about what you have to sell, not talk about what's bad (In your opinion) about the competition.

(Good luck fighting Leon by the way, Somoza tried that once and I think before him a gringo called Walker tried to sir up trouble too.)

I have had all sorts of clients place adverts in the paper but none suggesting to potential clients that they are dumb because they are not using a particular service. (Which is how some may read your Leon campaign).

Give em a bit of honey Dave. Pick the biggest hostel or place that has the type of clientele you desire and do a promo WITH them, give them one night free if they stay for three and bring their wrist band or proof of stay at Leon. Create the flow to the coast with a trail of sugar. Hell you wanna go in and 'Press Gang' them like Nelson's boy's did. "Come on you lot, that's enough of the beauty of Leon, you jackasses are coming with us". (It would be a great Monty Python sketch).

I see you blanked my discussion comment on tourism numbers and putting Spanish on your Web Site. What did you think of that?

Reply was "Alfanuemerically" crashed out! I was in the middle of responding to you a couple of days ago when the computer crashed, which is not all that amazing, Alfanuemeric charges mucho dollars but doesn't send the signal I pay for and it crashes daily. So sorry I didn't get back like I wanted to.

My old college roommate of 40 years ago and who helped design the web site took off on a 3 month trip to the middle east and just returned. He mentioned before he left that he had some program that would do the Spanish translation or create a button or something that would do what you are suggesting. It is a fabulous idea, I am just not "computer" savvy about the "how to" of web site design and function.

The statistics about Honduras, El Salvador, etc. are misleading to me. Here are some of my statistical stats for the year. And as a Hotel operator we keep pretty good statistics of who our clients are through room reservations, etc. In 5 years of operations we have had more guests from Spain, Italy, France, Norway, et. al. EACH. than we have had from Honduras or El Salvador. Maybe boarder crossings, yes, but as a "tourist" or visitor in Las Penitas, very few in comparison to many other places, many miles away.:

As for my battle with the disproportionate promotional dollars going/staying south is that simply the "whole" of Nicaragua is not being publicized as I stated in the "Playas of Nicaragua". The discussion was about "Survivor" helping or hurting Nicaragua. It's the tourism industry that is the main focus. It is not me against the SJDS or Granada or the southern regions, it's about the 'WHOLE" being the sum of its PARTS, that is all. I love those areas myself , but not to the exclusion of "other" areas, which I am in AND feel the "segregation". I really thank you for your comments, they are thoughtful and helpful, especially reminding me about the Spanish translation, it is muy importante.

Countries Unique Visitors United States 4196 41.81%

Nicaragua 3108 30.97%

Canada 843 8.40%

Spain 212 2.11%

Costa Rica 203 2.02%

United Kingdom 202 2.01%

Germany 143 1.43%

Netherlands 117 1.17%

Mexico 76 0.76%

France 69 0.69%

Norway 61 0.61%

Sweden 56 0.56%

Italy 53 0.53%

El Salvador 52 0.52%

Guatemala 50 0.50%

Switzerland 47 0.47%

Russian Federation 43 0.43%

Ireland 42 0.42%

Belgium 36 0.36%

Honduras 31 0.31%

Australia 28 0.28%

Granada versus Leon, again

Conservatives against Liberals. The seat of the Church versus the seat of the establishment. If only back then they've been fighting for tourists and their dollars 'what a wonderful world this would be'. Somoza Garcia was shot in Leon, la ciudad universitaria, by a poet . Rigoberto Lopez Perez. Occidente, as Leon and Chinandega are also called, have beaches, churches and plenty history. Leon puede ser abatido pero nunca vencido, Viva Leon, Jodido!

Dave, I would like to nominate you ...

... for the coveted MujerMagnetica award here on NL, rarely given to a macho blogger.

... for the coveted MujerMagnetica award here on NL, rarely give Is that good or bad? and how often do YOU give these awards out? Any past recipients I may know?

Long, But

it's nice to see so much enthusiasm for, and commitment to, Nicaragua. I stayed at La Roca, met Dave & Cookie, enjoyed his wireless at the bar, the only internet in the area at the time..

Shelley insisted we move on, she's more of a Montelimar girl: "WHAT!! No bidet ...again"! Me: "Honey,, this is Nicaragua, not Ft. Lauderdale"

but I enjoyed it there. Did a lot of walking on the beach. Different crowd, for sure.

My only objection was, Dave does his french fries once a day, en masse, and they get soggy.

You beat me

and I'll add that Phil's user name is fyl and he's having internet connection problems so there isn't a quick turnaround on the response right now.

this gets old

"internet connection problems". yeah, ok, sure, whatever.

Trickle Down Trickle Up and Trickle Back.

Nicaraguan Coffee, seeing as Kelly is on.

How many tourist have fallen in love with our fantastic coffee, go home and then look for it there. The suppliers now come down and buy coffee at the annual expositions. That increases the value of that commodity. It was tourism that created a lot of that demand in North America and like a good "supply and demand world", buyers came down and bought!!

Its an 8.5" x 11" inch page, some just wanna look at that speck of dirt (Prostitution) instead of talk about the rest of the white page.

Just sayin.

(And as for "Surviving", after 5 years and what they have been through, Kelly & Rob know a little bit about it, and so do their 5 or 6 employees)

The problem is ...

... that speck makes the whole sheet stink.

The biggest drug bust I ever witnessed was on the road out of SJdS. 1.6 tons of cocaine, in bricks. Impressive. Why does it ship through SJdS? I think you know. Who uses most of it? The rich countries where tourists come from. Did the 'Survivor' crew snort? Duh . . .

Daddy Yo......

Yes....On a road out of SJdS.

It was LEAVING SJdS on the Chocolate.

Came in by boat and was on its way north.

Its all in bricks, not like Miami Vice, you cant press the ID seal in a loose powder bag very well can you.

I walk past coke heads and hookers all day, It doesn't cloud my day at all.

If you want it, its here.......there and everywhere.

For reality, turn off the TV and leave your house

Not a fan of these shows - My idea for Survivor is to drop them off and return for them in 20 years.

Ultimately, the country will benefit from the exposure, mostly through tourism but also because of the increased interest.

money, dollars, Cordovas Oro

That's what it's about. And sure, TV exposure with T & A on sunny beaches will bring the bloated gringos who can't speak Spanish with Yanqui dollar to spend in the joints that cater to such.

What is Nicaragua? That's the question that should be answered first. For me it's the people: simple, selfless, 'cool', & beautiful, and I confess I haven't met any of the 'owners', thankfully, in that mostly raw land of volcanoes, lakes & earthquakes squeezed by oceans.

So sorry, but I no longer believe in "trickle-down" economics, not sure I ever really did, but those economist seemed so smart back then.

Sure there's a certain percentage of the Survivor-crowd that'll spend some of those dollars on poor prostitutes (who often support families), or seeking out the bargain coca prices in the narco-barrios, but is that good for Nicaragua?

my Nicaraguan staff does not agree with your statement

"Sure there's a certain percentage of the Survivor-crowd that'll spend some of those dollars on poor prostitutes (who often support families), or seeking out the bargain coca prices in the narco-barrios, but is that good for Nicaragua?"

That statement has nothing to do with Survivor. People seeking cheap coca and prostitutes were here before Survivor was filmed. I seriously doubt that someone watching Survivor is thinking, "Hey, I should check out Nicaragua because in addition to beautiful beaches and jungles, I can get cheap coke and cheap girls!" The people who are attracted to those vices aren't coming here because they are available (they're available almost anywhere in the world), though some take advantage of the "opportunity" once they arrive.

A lot of people complain about tourism, but not many seem to realize that tourism is a huge source of tax revenue in this country, that the tourists are paying 15 percent sales tax when the vast majority of Nicaraguans are not (because of that f-$%#ing cuota fija) and that tourism has at least provided employment, medical care, education, and a larger middle class.

It is not my fault Nicaragua is a poor country. I did not create the problem, but I have done much to change the situation at the local level. If you don't like the idea of tourists coming here and supporting the economy, please offer suggestions that will allow Nicaraguans to create an economically sustainable country that does not require monetary, intellectual and physical resources from abroad.

Perhaps Nicaragua will eventually develop a solid economy. Tourism is not the end all, but it does bring people, resources and ideas to the area from which something bigger may emerge.

Sure. I understand ...

... where y'all are coming from, namely, SJdS. There are certain places that rely on tourism for survival: Disney World, Las vegas, SJdS, &c. Tourists don't go some place to "support the economy"; they go to have fun, see sights.

IMO, the problem with tourist dollars in poor foreign countries is that they make servants of locals, and the payscales are often such that those employees can't improve their kids' lives. For pity's sake KAT, I ain't saying you; for all I know you may be the saint of SJdS. Look up the hill, and on the waterfront.

And the establishments that most successfully draw in rich tourists are themselves owned & run by foreigners because they best understand foreign likes & dislikes, speak their language, know where to advertize, &c. They're for-profit businesses, and most of the windfall leaves the poor country.

"Suggestions that will allow Nicaraguans to create an economically sustainable country...?" It already is. No need for 'help from abroad' except for buying the stuff THEY are selling. Ain't that really how it is?

No it is not how it is.

Look up at the hills and I see Pacific Marlin, purchased by a Nicaraguan and developed by him. In fact so much so that he paid $500,000 for the Jesus statue to be built...

Bahia del Sol. Luxury condos...Nicaraguan owned and developed.

Best and most famous beach restaurant - El Timon - Nicaraguan owned and operated (along with their disco; Crazy Crab and the new Mexican place, Blue Marlin........all Nicaraguan owned and operated.

Best pulperias selling US food to Gringos for 40% more than its worth (and doing very well).......yes you guessed it Nicaraguan owned and operated.

Where is a lot of the money that these guys make and a lot more (Nicas) like them going?..........Would Costa Rica vacation and retirement property surprise you?

Are the stricter CR migracion laws coincidence or an anticipatory move for post November 2011?

Some Nicas may be making it here but ain't keeping it here......and can you blame them? They lost it 31 years ago, some are not going to lose it again.

Come visit sometime, I will show you the real SJdS.

While this venture is

While this venture is definitely a shot in the arm for the economy of SJDS, I can't see where it can have a positive impact at all long term. The problem I see is that the show (Survivor) is about the people in it, not the place. Viewers rarely catch even a glimpse of the "real" location, and generally only remember the unpleasant aspects of it (if they remember at all) such as mosquitoes, flies, other various insects and creepy-crawlies, and of course, the snakes. I am not much of a fan of reality shows (they are generally to reality as professional wrestling is to sports), but how many fans out there can tell you anything meaningful about any of the previous locations based solely on the show's content?

It's good for Nicaragua

And what is good for Nicaragua I applaud.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are sitting in USA - Europe or anywhere else, you will look at the map, probably on internet and perhaps visit this for sooooooo many a unknown place.

Which again reminds me of a email a few years ago "Roger, another plane crashed down there, must be dangerous " I responded with what ?? "it's in the paper, yes it was, but it was Nigeria.

Survivor is good publicity.


With two seasons filmed back to back, we know it has brought some capital and jobs in, if temporarily. And even if it depicts hardly anything about Nica, other then a few volcanoes and a camp out in the bush (as seems to be the case), it does at least put the name, and some idea of where and what it is, out there. Can't hurt. However, I have to think that the people who might consider visiting Nicaragua don't have a lot of overlap with the people who are glued to their sets for season 21/22 of this TV show, and vice versa. I'd have to guess that it won't trigger a huge wave of visitors, but we'll see..

Do not watch it but

have surfed through it several times. Looks like it could pretty much be done in the same place for all shows as the emphsis is not on real survival, but on the games and the people headgames. What the heck, brought in some money for a while and will not hurt with some name recognition.ZZT

I agree

I agree with Roger, last year I went to Las Vegas for the AARP Annual Event, to explain about the law for Retiree people, 694, the benefits, requirements and other topics, and real estate transactions for people who move to Nicaragua; I was surprised because several people doesn´t know where Nicaragua is, or some other facts, like war, etc; So the most important part of the program will be the promotion of the name NICARAGUA, I am pretty sure people will check Internet to learn about Nicaragua, and Nicaliving will be a wonderful sources and your comments too.

Today I found this article and posted “The title will draw the attention of several people too: Best Places to Retire Abroad”, I know for Nicaliving users probably no there is any new, you live here, have been in Nicaragua or have more reference the gist is, in my opinion these information and promotion, plus the new law for retirees is working.

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer

It may have been PT Barnum,

It may have been PT Barnum, or Charlie Sheen, but I am sure someone has said this before me..."There is no such thing as bad publicity" (except mabey in the chisma of SJDS) Yes, i agree that the exposure of the name Nicaragua, will fuel a new interest in the country as a whole and there will certainly be the folks who filter on down to this lovely little little corner of the world.

Try that on


I plead ignorance

I don`t watch Survivor. I saw a few minutes of it a few years ago while channel surfing and concluded it was for silly yuppies who need to get a life.

Nicaragua suffers from 2 image problems: bad publicity and No publicity. Net net, anything that puts Nic. on the tube for anything other than President Ortega babbling about imperialism or street rioters in managua or leon is a good thing.

I read a book on êcotourism a while back. One issue brought up was that many tourist industries are foreign owned and the profits go back to the first world. The best example was the Galapagos, where 85% of the dough sticks in the first world or mainland ecuador. An interesting comment was that the much maligned 'budget' travelers leave behind locally about the same amount of money per day as the luxury travelers. (100% of $15=15% of $100).

Anyway, CR is an example of a country in which much of the tourist industry is locally owned and medium sized. Nicaragua is following a similar pattern, especially with the 'community based' tourism in the north and probably elsewhere. Certainly there is a need for all types of projects, including a few Mega Resorts that have the bucks to build infrastructure, but a mixed bag spreads the wealth around better.

Expat/immigrant businesses fall into the 'locally owned' category IN THAT the profits stay here. Foreign owned businesses also serve as a learning tool for Nicaraguans-- the expat businesses will show Nica how foreigners like to be treated. Enterprizing Nicas can then take this training to their own businesses.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog" --Edward Hoagland

Ignorant, no longer

I watched part of the show in its first season and concluded it wasn't for me. But I was surprised to read it was the highest rated show of the week, in Canada, last week. Tonight, I made myself watch it.

First of all, I ignored the people, the games, and the drama (admittedly the biggest part of the show - but we all know that). There are some stunning aerial shots of volcanoes and long expanses of beach. There are crabs, birds, red frogs, snakes, and alligators. When they switch scenes between one tribe and the other, they often show a volcano, or rolling waves, some wide vista. The many changing clouds lend themselves to the time lapse photography, which they use to show the passage of time. Sunny skies were few but there were some. One of the tribes encountered howler monkeys and they caught fish in a lagoon and cooked it over the fire. The vegetation could look tropical and exotic and there was plenty of mud around - but it's the rainy season. I think it will appeal to travellers who want to be far off the beaten track but I hope they manage a shot or two of a town before the series ends. Otherwise, it could seem beautiful but too desolate.