The Lada's are coming.....again

The Lada's are coming.....again


Allan Vargas, president of the Taxi Drivers United Movement (MNT), confirmed that the first batch of 250 (of 500 total) cars will arrive in the country on October 7 2010. The co-operative confirmed that the government bought the taxis with funds from the Savings and Credit (Caruna). Each Taxi Federation shall purchase them on a plan tailored to their needs and the proposal is to allow an interest rate of four percent. The government has spent US5 million on the 500 vehicles or 10,000 a piece.

The model is the Lada Kalina 2011, a modern car, with good performance and is designed to operate in a tropical climate.

As a footnote, in Finland it is marketed as a Lada 119, because "Kalina" means "Rattle" in Finnish.

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Lada History in Nicaragua

Just happened by this post. The Lada Niva which started appearing in Nicaragua during the 1980s is an interesting vehicle. It is a small car with very high ground clearance and full-time four wheel drive. Even in today's Nicaragua, such a vehicle can come in very handy.

I still see a few around Estelí. Wikipedia offers some good information about them. For a bit more on Nivas, you might want to check out the Chevrolet Niva.

other good deal for CARUNA...

Is recently the experience with the Russian buses, that was necessary to make many changes, adaptations and fixes to be able to run in our streets.

Also is well know in our country the quality of the Russian products, must of the time copies of western technology but more than a decade old.

The Ladas car all time has been mounted in old platforms that western companies sold to Russia, first was the Fiat, Dodge and now they looking for a Renault to improve the quality.

Till now the taxi sector, has been using used cars imported from Korea (KIA mainly) and some new Toyota Yarig. The KIA Pride, this used cars that came to our country with several years old, is a model that for our terrain has demonstrated to be more than good, and their parts cheaps. that are more than the right car for our streets, roads and climate. And with the best gas/km.

So talking about quality and prices, why the government is importing a car that has been not testing, with outdated technology and with prices that are almost the same you can get from other dealers..and better cars.

The Toyota Yarig for the Taxi owner has a cost of apx $14.000 $4,000 more that the price of the Lada, but who will not take that option instead to buy a car that they not know their performance and with a story of bad quality. In USA the price of the TOYOTA Yarig star in $ is possible that the government with the tax exemptions could offer better prices.

This is a note related to Lada buying the Renault platform to improve the quality.

"Lada is Russia’s number one selling car marque with total sales of 428,000 cars from January to August 2008. Its market lead is currently being challenged by competitors such as Hyundai, Chevrolet and Ford who are coming in with cars that are more modern, so this is a way for Lada to step it up in terms of updating their cars to modern standards."

And this is a note that clearly depicted the Iranians , (partners of Russia and Nicaragua government) with more knowledge of better deals.

"Kia's Pride, a small hatchback, accounts for 30-40 percent of all vehicles on Iran's roads, according to the company. The firm last year exported 4,210 complete vehicles to Iran and 17,040 cars in kit form for local assembly."

So to me is not doubt that this is a good deal for Ortega's financial corporation CARUNA, but is a lot of doubt if its a good deal for the taxis owners.

Oh Boy, a Russian car designed for the tropics...

About as comforting as "An English Pub Lunch menu designed for the most discerning Parisian gourmet"

Toyota and Kia

Kia is hard to beat for the Taxi trade. As mentioned parts are available and cheap.

So Japanese on the high end and Koreans on the low end-but Kia make very good cars.

Kia is getting much better

That 4 x 4 truck with the super cab (like 4 or 5 workers) seems to hold up. Been watching a few of them here to see how they do and I am impressed.

How Much Are

the Kia 4 x 4 trucks purchased in Nicaragua?

I'm still wrestling with the - import one, buy one there - question?

Kia 2700 4x4 diesel

Double cab.

Cargo capacity 1 ton.

Very good vehicle according to press and owners. Without taxes I think it is 18.800 or something.

Yep, Mauricio (Pizza) has had one for about 5 years

Its been used a lot and he is a real Italian driver!! (Like he ripped the rear view mirror off as he drove out of the showroom). Name that Movie?

La Prensa last week; $16,600 (but check the small print)

I would say that its a buyers market here right now and you can give DGA the finger as you drive by all the containers full of US cars waiting to become 40% more expensive. (I jest, but not too much)


for the good info . . .

I'll do some checking

Let you know later


Global economy at it's best.