Body Recovery

Body Recovery

Zopilotes discovered a body in the Rio Esteli flood plane north of town. Police and fireman are trying to recover body. Don`t have any details yet. I`m told the body has been identified and family members are helping with the recovery.

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man dragged for Estelí river

In this video you can see a man that came in a bicycle trying to pass the river..and at the end of the video show how is dragged by the strong current.

I dont know if is the same the news have been talking about.

The body was recovered

a few minutes ago. I`m told it was somebody crossing the river on a bike 4 days ago.

Reminds me of a death about a month ago during another storm. A man driving drunk tried to take his pickup across a pedestrian bridge and paid the price. Body recovered the next day.

I got dumped into the Green Rive, Utah, at flood stage once, but sober and with a whitewater rated life vest. Interesting experience. I don`t play with current.

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