En busca de mi amigo Norman Burey - esta en Managua?

En busca de mi amigo Norman Burey - esta en Managua?

El se encuentra en un tayer en Managua. NBC transmission. Saludenlo de parte de Brunie.

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what its tayer?

Hi Brunie, cong you look a happy couple.

I saw you wrote tayer, and i know even for Spanish speakers the mistakes are frequently, as me.. making many mistakes writing and speaking English.

Our country even in the vocabulary suffer many changes, lot of words were introduced in the revolution and since them every time i came to the country is something new.

According to the REA (The Royal Spanish Academy ) :

taller.(Del fr. atelier).

2. m. Escuela o seminario de ciencias o de artes. (Science or art school or seminar)

But at least here in Nicaragua the use was extended to whatever seminar.

Taller is more used for shops.

hola nicanor

Hola, gracias por corejirme, si admito que debe de ser taller. Si te encuentras en Nicaragua, porfavor saluda a mi gran amigo Norman que se encuentra en Managua en su negocio, NBC Transmissions. Gracias y una feliz navidad!