Overall, over the next year, how do you think Nicaragua’s image will fare in the world press?

It will be bad.
19% (11 votes)
Its image will worsen.
32% (18 votes)
No change/Will they notice?
23% (13 votes)
The coverage will be balanced with good and bad.
14% (8 votes)
The country’s image will improve - finally!
12% (7 votes)
Total votes: 57

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To answer that I had to look back...

How did it feature in the world press before?

Simple answer is that when there has been a natural disaster or a political disaster, Nicaragua gets a lot of attention.

Most stories have the word 'Contra' somewhere in the first sentence as a "Oh yes, that place" reminder.

When there is something good going on, Survivor, Wind Power, Geo Thermal, the proclamation that we will have 100% green power by 2015 and stories like them, we get some lip service "Way to Go Nicaragua" comments and then its back to being the "uninteresting to most of the world country" that it is.

So the world press has us on the "Political Disaster" radar for the next year, all of the other stuff will get skipped over because Nicaragua, the hemorrhoid on the butt of the USA, UN and OAS has flared up again. :)


Tragedy and catastrophies sell just as much as sex . Truly the hemorrhoid part very funny.


will the president be up for re-election in 2011? if so, that's the entire story of the next year...

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

Good or bad?

Nicaragua has been receiving some much needed publicity from the Survivor series. Its tourism numbers are improving and there is a new tourism plan in development. It also has a negative image to overcome and, although it’s getting attention for the Rio San Juan border issue, google is more prominently featured in the North American news articles. There is also an election next year. Overall, over the next year, how do you think Nicaragua’s image will fare in the world press?

wait for the elections...

that will put it in some news stories..where the news agencies need some filler material..besides that..why would anyone care..thats why i live here

Depends on the publication

and the political spin they put on things.