Nicaragua Predictions 2011

It’s that time of year when the predictions begin. I can tell because I’ve been perusing The World in 2011 and, by the way, it didn’t say too much about Nicaragua. Typical! That's just not right! This situation must be corrected! So, suitably inspired, I’ve decided to make my own list of predictions:

  1. We will learn there was no intention to build a canal on the Rio San Juan. It was all a fight for control over the river’s entrance for tourism control.
  2. Consumers will finally see more reliable electrical power by April.
  3. Phil will be back on-line by… May.
  4. Conspiracies involving Iran and Russia will prove untrue.
  5. Tourism numbers will be noticeably higher than in 2010. Despite all the hard work in Nicaragua, Survivor will get credit for it.
  6. Everyone will be nervous over the pre-election violence.
  7. North America will enter a double-dip recession. Nicaragua will benefit as its ex-pats return and foreigners continue to retire there.
  8. Nicaragua will make important progress towards agricultural self-sufficiency.
  9. Someone will comment that I never mentioned the election results

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just for Nicaragua

1. the people still receiving its 10 zinc roof sheets

2.The government party, will not see necessary to put their flags side down , either use their cups backwards.

3.The Venezuela's tunnel money... shrunken.

4.Juanno will received the SJDS key city (winning for large to Nicaraeal).

5.Real estate businessmen would seen a big hole in their pockets.

6.Fyl will keep saying that his internet problems keep him out of the blog.

7.Sball finally will be recognized like a good moderator (for her critics).

8.Like Somoza era, Nicaragua will star to have a period of calm, due to the strong grip of the government.

9. La Chayo finally will shave her armpit.

10. The party government leader will die.

I totally agree with #4

And so he should!

Why? because nicareal does not give a hoot how people perceive him..... He is who he is and how he is... Take him or ignore him.... It does not matter to him one way or another!


1. Phil will be back on-line by May. Within one month, traffic on the site will decline by yet another 33%.

2. Tourism numbers will be noticeably higher than in 2010, comprised entirely of Nicaraguans who emigrated abroad, got thrown out of work, and have returned in a fruitless search for work.

3. Everyone will be nervous over the pre-election violence. The North American media will yet again give full play to isolated incidents of violence in Managua, ignoring the fact that the rest of Nicaragua continues to go about its business peacefully and productively.

4. Regardless of whether North America enters a double-dip recession, there will continue to be a decline in the number of expats who return and foreigners who settle here, as there has been during the current recession. A large proportion of the few who do re-locate here will leave within one year after experiencing the realities of everyday life.

5. Nicaragua will make important progress towards agricultural self-sufficiency. Bigshots from both the Sandinista and Liberale elites will continue to reap the benefits, and people from the poorer classes will continue to suffer from a sharp escalation in food prices, as they have in the past year.

6. People who don't live here, rarely visit, and and who don't understand what they see when they pass through, will continue to make predictions about the future of Nicaragua.


On the plus side ...

1. Billy Bob will finally find a maid who's willing to work for minimum wage who doesn't blow up all his electrical appliances. They will fall madly in love with each other and elope to Bluefields, where they will establish an intentional community of anarcho-Buddhists.

2. Nicaraguan home-furnishings makers will begin to make a splash at this year's annual trade fair at High Point in North Carolina.

3. Coffee and Cacao prices on the world market will continue to increase and beef prices continue to decline, thus simultaneously encouraging investment and reforestation in Nicaraguan silviculture.

4. Nicaraguans will continue to persevere and find innovative ways of muddling through.

Oh Swami of the site statistics lay off the camel-dung tea :-)

  1. The truth will be known about the RSJ dredging and that it all started as an honest mistake by my friend Pastora who never could read a map. (Sorry Eden... :-)) The media is a fault of the entire mess.
  2. The reliability of the electrical power will be further increased as soon as the larger storage tanks for the Electroleum are delivered. (The small ones on the power poles will all be removed and recycled.)
  3. Phil? Phil who? When did he change his name to May? Next thing, Oh Swami, you are telling us he is NOT Toni Solo?
  4. The Iranian and Russian Agents operating in Nicaragua will all be asked to go home and their posts will be filled by Nicaraguan's. (We will finally see the garbage trucks manned by Nicaraguan staff who will no longer throw most of the rubbish back on the street during pickup.)
  5. Tourism will skyrocket as everyone will rush to Nicaragua to see the election here in person. (T-shirts with the print: "I was a Nicaraguan Election Observer" are being printed now.)
  6. The only pre- election violence will be the election observers fighting to get a seat at Woody's in Managua.
  7. North America will be double dipping as always and the recession will be just a small part of that.
  8. Nicaragua will outperform the rest of the world as far as agricultural self sufficiency is concerned the moment the government stops giving piglets and chicks to people that eat them instead of using them to kick start their farm production.
  9. Election results are only fuel for political discussion. Why mention them?

Nicareal, re # 8 on your list - are you wikileaking me?

I haven't even printed this edition with this story in it!!...

Campesinas in the Municipality of San Juan del Sur celebrate the payment of the ‘Patio Bonus’

La Sureña/Pablo Alberto Pérez Laguna

About twenty-four women from the communities of Bastón, Las Marías, San Antonio del Bastón, San Rafael del Valle and Las Delicias met last December 15th in order to celebrate the completion of the payment known as the 'Patio Bonus' granted by the local and national government this last 17th of March. The event was held at the Civic Center of the Municipality of SJdS.

According to Maritza del Socorro Cerda, coordinator of the group, the bonus was valued at $270 per person of which the female beneficiaries each gave 20% ($54) back to a ‘pool account’ which Maritza said will create a reserve fund that will benefit women in their most urgent needs. Maritza revealed that the bonus consists of ten chickens, a hand mill, a roll of chicken wire, a machete, a pig or sow and four fruit trees. She also expressed that the project has come to solve some of the economic problems of the rural women beneficiaries. ______________________

And no, it's not a typo, Maritza's last name is Cerda!!

LOL, You get to know these things if you are a campesino...

Juanno, remember where I live and who my friends are. This program, along with the tin roofing sheet give away has yet to produce any substantial positive results. At least none I could verify.

For the most part the chickens and piglets have been eaten and the tin sold or traded away. (In spite of the fact that this was forbidden under the program.) The government has yet to learn that handouts are not the way to motivate people to take care of themselves.

You would have enjoyed some of the discussions in Managua prior to the implementation of this program.

1. We will see that noise

1. We will see that noise about Rio San Juan is just noise for the sake of noise.

2. I may have electricity (unreliable) in april, 3 years after Nisnorte promised it.

3. Phil will be back on line by May of some year.

4. Conspiracies will be denied by the Great Obama, but ferretted out by Congressional republicans.

5.Tourism numbers will depend on the election violence. If there is a gain, Survivor deserves the credit. prime time TV kicks butt!

6.some people will be nervous about pre-election, election, and post election violence.

7. North america will continue to be down sized economically. Expats and returnees will make minimal difference in Nic. economy.

8. Nic will increase sales to Venezuela, giving a boost to export numbers.

9. I comment that you didn't mention the election results. Maybe the Sandinistas will get slick and learn from their Somocista teachers and run a dummy candidate every other election so it doesn`t look like the same guy is ruiling all the time. At this time they don`t need to because the Liberales are such dudsnot to mention whats in the US State DEpt.

10. i predict that the world will know that the new supermarket/strip mall in Esteli is actually a cigar processing facility.

''Democracy with extreme poverty is not the solution we were seeking'' Carlos Reina, President of Honduras, 1997

Billy Bob Is

a Buddhist anarchist?

I thought he was a Republican . . . . .

..I learn something new on this site every day.

I claim no title

other than "middle of the road extremist".

*blessedly, we have no maid at our new house. I have discovered a great recipe for whole-wheat pizza.

*additional prediction: I predict the Esteli post office will move again, the 5th time in 5 years.

''Democracy with extreme poverty is not the solution we were seeking'' Carlos Reina, President of Honduras, 1997


*blessedly, we have no maid at our new house.*

glad to see you've come round to my way of thinking. :)