Las divinas de Matagalpa, Nicaragua (The Matagalpans Divines)

Las divinas de Matagalpa, Nicaragua  (The Matagalpans Divines)

This is a protest violence against women in Matagalpa Nov 25. Was covered for must national media .

But now is in a little report in the EROTIC LEFT PARTY (Partido de la Ia Izquierda Erotica) website, a new project by Gioconda Belli and a group of Nicaraguan women.

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Ohh I thought you all knew....

Ive been down with this group for years! Viva Las Chicas (sin ropa)! ...Prepirate days...


I support the one in the middle...things have really evolved since I last visited Matagalpa!

that is a star

But the support to this woman, that throw away our prejudices and moral canons..till where it go?

Will you extend your support to considered her like a partner in your life?


Somehow Nicanor, I don't think the guys will complain about this being too political. LOL


i hope they will be very supportive of our women rights.

But is it

the right kind of support?


Im cheering as loud as I can w/o getting in trouble at work!

No, IMO its not the most effective way of doing it.

People just see painted naked female bodies...but don't really know why.

20 clothed victims with last nights (only visible) injuries would be better. I don't know how you show the hurt you can't see.

No way of telling if these people are paid performers, circus clowns or genuine victims.

I'm undecided

Although my instinct says this attracts the wrong attention, I want a marketing expert's opinion on what approach works better. I doubt I will find the exact words to express what I mean, but it involves a positive vs. negative message coming from a position of strength vs. weakness.

attract attention

That is the purpose of the march of women showing paint naked. But at the same time, make a statement that they are owner of theirs bodies.

In the national is expected, LP the must conservative newspaper,look like didn't published (i didn't find any related article to this march).

In END was published and average receive good critics, just 5 men made comments ; 2 negative and 3 positive. Just one woman (?) make a negative comment.

mixed message?

nicanor, I understand fully what they are trying to say and how they are trying to say it. My comment was whether it was effective. I believe that communicating from a position of strength (controlling our own bodies) is more effective than one of weakness (a group of victims) but, in marching naked, they risk female self-objectification while fighting a problem partially based on sexual objectification by men.

Please understand that I'm not judging them, just wondering about the effectiveness.


Our country by far is conservative. must in the religious and political establishment. The problem of the violence against women and discrimination in some laws is a issue that is addressed to each governments in place, but almost nothing is accomplished.

In this government even the women lost their right to the therapeutic abortion.

So i think the measurements must be increased to address the problems, and what better way, that to shake the root of the machismo and conservative culture with a show of power .

And let me say that even the media ,has choose to almost hide the event and in some cases just downplay it.

I think that in the end..they are broken the mystification of the women in our country, that is close related to our culture of machismo.

It does not need to be

It is one of the many (and probably most effective) ways to grab people's attention. IMO, it'd be best if they are actually paid performers. Violence against women must be fought at homes, schools, church, government, etc.

There was a suggestion

There was a suggestion in the article (you did see the article, right?) about housing the offenders in open cages in public. IMO it was a good idea.

Are FDC, Tona & Victoria going to sponsor the cages?

I know there are other cause but Alcohol is right up there. Not only as ONE of the reason some males become abusive but its proven that with the female victim, their own problem with alcohol makes it harder for them to effectively react to and deal with the warning signs.

On a more constuctive note (IMO) is this success story

Not directly connected with the 'painted ladies' or even aimed at victims but it shows that all sorts of women's programs are working. The more independence they obtain, the less (as a whole) they need to up with the abuse.

Female Farmers Graduate

One hundred and eighteen women from The Municipality of Rivas moved up to the second year of courses in their training in tree nursery establishment (ornamental and fruit) as well as small farm animals. The training was give by the Agricultural Technical Institute (ITA in Spanish), an INATEC member organization that operates in Granada, Nandaime and the City of Rivas. The graduation ceremony was held on December 1st at the local ‘Gimnasio Humberto Méndez Juárez’ in Rivas.

The rural women received about five different management training courses in forestry and livestock resources. The aim is to train rural women in self-sufficiency to support their families and communities. This training program is one of comprehensive rural participation as it is without distinction of political color, age or ability. For instance one person that graduated was hearing and speech impaired while another was illiterate at the start of classes and now was literate.