ammo and airplanes

just got back from the states yesterday..brought down 8lb of ammo on problem..checked my bag in..they told me to take it to the TSA booth..i wrapped it in a day pack all in the original boxxes ..the TSA man said i could of brought 10lbs more down in my other checked bag..they like it in the original box or a shell loose sheels..u dont have to have a hard box to put it in..the day pack was fine..wanted to bring down 2 pistols but was a little leary with all the new stuff u have to go through to renew ure pistol lic.brought 2 guns down the last time home..just told them i had them..and showed them my pistol permit..had them in 3 days..i hear u need more paper work for them now..and my bags were put through the Xray machine here in mga no problem

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Good for you

Good for you.

The problem to bring ammos to NIcaragua could be in Custom Deparment at the airport, because according the DAEM (police´s section for guns) the importation of ammos are prohibit, but usually nobody has problems at the airport.

On the other hand I remind you according the law 510 you can bring 2 guns just once, so if you already brought from abroad 2 guns you are not able to do it again.

Best Regards

Paul Tiffer Attorney at Law