Nicas in Kilimanjaro

I know that this is not the first time that someone climbs up the Kilimanjaro. But I was reading La Prensa and 3 Nicas were among those in an expedition to climb the Mt. and proudly waved the Nicaragüense Bandera.

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Nicaraguan Flag & Banderas

Miskito Alan says that you say they waved a "bandera" at the top of the mountain. I know that movie star (Antonio Bandera) and I hope that was not him that they were waving around the top of the mountain.

It would have been real nice if they had a Nicaraguan "flag" with them too and they could have proudly waved that also. :-) __________________________________________________________________


That's funny. No, it's was the nicaraguense bandera (Nicaraguan flag). If that would have been the actor Banderas, I bet you those would be the last Nicaraguans to ever climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. :p